Friday, May 31, 2013

A Personalized Sign :)

 UPDATE ~ To receive 20% off either or both of the two originals currently listed in the Etsy shop, enter the coupon code kingofmice at checkout. :)

It's that time again - the EHAG Emporium doors have creaked open, and I'm offering something for cat lovers and rescuers (sooooo need one of these myself, hehe)...

You'll notice there's a blank space at the top of the sign - that's where the name goes, along with an "established" date at the bottom.

It's hand painted in acrylics on solid pine, and measures 11" x 20 1/2". There's a sawtooth hanger on the back for easy display indoors or out.

$145 plus shipping, which will vary by location.

As always, this piece is up for grabs on a first-come basis - just shoot me an email at with intent to purchase, and please include the name and date you'd like me to paint on the sign.:)

Thanks for taking a peek at my work, and I'll be back very soon!

♥ Carolee

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Seasons of the Witch"

Must share the latest original, listed on Etsy just moments ago....

 The Wheel of the year, the cycle of nature, one season merging gently into the next. Such a blessing to paint, especially after a week of such loss. A reminder of  the cycle of life, the turn of the wheel, the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives. I hope it brings many blessings and a touch of *magic* to its new home. :)


I'll be enjoying Mother Nature's blessings quite soon myself, as I spend the long weekend with a group of dear women friends, at a cabin in one of Pennsylvania's beautiful state parks. Soooooooo looking forward to the break, and to returning refreshed and renewed.

So I'll be back again next week with more new work. Until then, thanks for visiting, and wishing all my friends here in the US a happy and restful Memorial Day weekend!

♥ Carolee

Friday, May 17, 2013

Saying Goodbye

It's never easy. No matter how many times we experience the loss of a beloved companion, it still hurts like hell. We know the day will eventually come, we try to steel ourselves, we think we're prepared...but when the time arrives, it just tears us apart.

As it did this past week with our sweet, sweet Aussie girl, Cadie. Also known as Cadie-Bear. Or sometimes just Bear-Bear...

Isn't she beautiful? The happiest, most blissful dog I've ever known, and I've known many. The world was Cadie's best friend, and she couldn't conceive of even the smallest unhappiness. On the rare occasions we raised our voices to her (usually for sneaking cat food) she would just wiggle her backside off, wagging her stubby little tail, and giving us that big Aussie smile, as if to say "Yeah, I know, but aren't I cute? Don't you just LOVE me?!"

And we did. So very much.

We adopted her at age 4 and she was with us for 9 wonderful years. It was a blessing that the passage of time between the first symptoms of illness, through two vet visits, one ultrasound and her gently assisted passing, was a total of only five days. So we take comfort in believing her suffering was minimal, and that we did the right thing in helping her cross the Bridge.

Her crazy little brother Cosmo is still with us. A bit confused, and overprotective as always, but we'll get through this together...

And whether dogs or cats, we know we'll walk this path again and again. Because despite the pain and loss, we can't imagine life without these companions. Because we know the love they give us, and the love they inspire, makes the eventual loss more bearable.

♥ Carolee
(Photos 2 and 3 by Jennifer MacNeill)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Owls and Ravens and Cats, Oh My!

I've been busily painting trinket boxes this week, and since I was able to do multiple boxes in one go, I decided to pass a little of the savings on, and make these a wee bit more accessible....

As of posting this (not long after listing), the ravens and cat have sold, but the barn owls are still available in the Etsy shop, and at about $20 less than the usual price for these boxes. :)

I do hope they find good homes, and in the meantime, there's a new recipe box in the works!

Until next time,
♥ Carolee

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"There's No Place Like Home"

Acrylic on a wood tray, with touches of sparkle...

Now available in the Etsy shop. :)

♥ Carolee