Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kitty Wisdom

It's that time again - the doors to the September EHAG Emporium creak open at 9PM eastern this evening! I've painted a round bentwood box just for the occasion, with the little black kitty dispensing words of wisdom....

"Nap, Relax, Purr, Don't be a fraidy cat!

Inside, there's a little shooting star....

Offered at $125 + shipping, which will vary by location, and available as always on a first-come basis, by emailing me after the update at UPDATE ~ SOLD.

Back very soon with new work!

~ Carolee

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Halloween Ornaments!

Popping in to share the latest work, a few Halloween ornaments JUST this evening listed in the Etsy shop - a few have already been captured, but as of typing this, a few remain. There are two new, finely detailed pen and ink pieces, a black cat and a barn owl...

And two whimsical, sparkly pieces; "Wicked Sweet" and "Midnight Margaritas" (both hand lettered as such on the back). These two are accented with glass glitter...

I hope to have just a couple more to list sometime tomorrow, and then the rest of the ornament stash will be Ghoultide Gathering bound (just a few more weeks now - eeeeek!!)

I'm sooooo excited about this year's show, and have a few surprises up my sleeve in the way of new work, so if you're withing striking distance, I hope to see you. ;)

In the meantime, there's much to do between now and then, so it's back to the work table for me!

Back very soon!
♥ Carolee