Sunday, April 14, 2019

Saint and Icons, Cats, Bees, and Loss.

Hello there!

Yes, I'm back... sweeping off the cobwebs, dusting things off, letting some sunlight in... It's been awhile (six months maybe?) Apologies, but well....LIFE. 

And Facebook. I tend to forget that not everyone is on Facebook.

I've been busy though, between LOTS of ornaments this past holiday season, trying to catch up on long overdue commissions, and these two new paintings...

Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, in yet another incarnation. I just love painting her, and what could be more perfect than a patron saint of cats and gardeners? I went a little crazy with the floral border on this one, but it was such a fun project. And I've heard from so many people who say this one or that one looks like their cat, which is pretty cool. :)

 She's available as an 11" x 14" print in my Etsy shop, and will be drop shipped directly from the printer. :)

The next project is Saint Gobnait - a sixth century Irish saint (hence the Celtic knotwork border) who is the patron of bees and beekeepers. And Lord knows, they NEED a patron saint right now, *sigh*...Seriously, we need to SAVE these magical creatures - our planet depends on it. Anyway, it was such a blessing to paint this one, and while the original found a good home right away, I'm hoping her prints will follow suit. I think a print would look fabulous in either a simple black frame, or maybe something in a honey colored wood...

 Prints of St. Gobnait are available in TWO sizes in the Etsy shop; 8" x 10", or 16" x 20"....

Spring and summer promise to be busy with both commissions and new work, and hopefully a bit of traveling in the fall... Which brings me to a sadder subject - the recent loss of my best buddy Cosmo the Wonderdog. The epitome of a BEST FRIEND, he was with me through all the years of John's illness, through our mutual loss, a move to a new home, and so many ups and downs I can't even begin to enumerate. He was my canine soul mate, and his loss is felt deeply for his own sake, and for one more connection to John that is lost. I like to think they're together now, both free from pain, and bringing each other joy.

I know I always say this, but I WILL try to be better about updating here. And I'm considering a blog sale this summer as well - something I haven't done in ages, and a way to make the work more accessible to everyone who's not on Facebook. Stay tuned. :)

Until then, wishing everyone a Happy Spring, Happy Easter, and Blessed Beltane....


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween!

It's hard to believe the wheel has turned, four seasons have passed, and it's once again time for the most *magical* art show you'll ever experience...

I'm talking of course, about the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween, in Marshall, Michigan, on September 29th.

In just a week's time, Dory (my little Mazda CX3) and I will be rolling through Pennsylvania and Ohio, and on up into Michigan to exhibit at what will be the second Peddlers, which debuted last year as the new incarnation of the famed Ghoultide Gathering. 

I've been participating in this event since the beginning, back in 2007, and the magic just keeps getting better; inspiration grows, new artists join the Halloween art tribe, and excitement builds as more and more collectors come out to experience everything the show has to offer... Truth be told, I hesitate even calling it a show. I've been to, and participated in quite a few art shows - and have attended several Halloween art shows - but this is so much more. It's an experience. It's electric... 

It's *magical*

My paintbrush has been flying for months now, and I'm pretty proud of the 2018 King of Mice Studios collection (Those who follow on Facebook and Instagram may have seen some previews!)... 

Whether you're returning (once you've attended, it's nearly impossible to stay away, hehe), or whether you're experiencing the magic for the first time, I know I speak for all of us when I say we soooooo look forward to seeing you! The best part about the show is not only reconnecting with old friends, but meeting new ones, so please do introduce yourself!

I'll leave you with a little teaser from last year's event, just to put you in that Halloween mood, but first, you might want to go get a cup of hot apple cider, or cocoa... something to set the mood...


There, wasn't that just too tempting?

Are you making travel plans now? Will we see you?

I do hope so!!

Until then, Happy Autumn and Happy Halloween!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

"The Collector"

A 16" x 28" acrylic and mixed media painting on gallery canvas.
Available at the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show in September 29th...

I'd write more, but the annual pre-show painting panic is in full swing...
Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Woodland Witch!

Sometimes a commission comes along that is so inspiring, you just don't want the painting process to end. Such was the case with this woodland witch, who will soon be making a long journey to her new home in the wilds of western Canada...

She was painted in acrylics on a wood panel, but I loved her so much, I asked my friend Jennifer (of Jennifer MacNeill Photography) to take a photo for prints, which are now in the Etsy shop. I'm ordering one for myself as well, to grace the walls of the Gypsy themed guest room here at Sparrow's Rest. :)

I'll be back soon with a peek at works in progress for the Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween show (Sept 30th, in Marshall, MI), but in the meantime, it's nose to the grindstone - far too much work to accomplish and never enough time!

Until then, thanks for visiting!


Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"Old Soul"

Just popping in to share the latest EHAG Emporium offering, titled "Old Soul". I adore owls, and barn owls in particular. Yes, I know they're predators, but they have such wise and gentle faces...

This particular fellow adorns a wooden treasure box, and features a single feather accent on the inside. Details about purchase can be found in the listing at the EHAG Emporium.

As always, thanks so much for taking the time to visit, and to view my work. I'll be back very soon with a peek at offerings and works in progress for the upcoming show. In the meantime, I'm hoping this guy finds a good home. :)

♥ Carolee

Friday, July 6, 2018

Of Mother Cabrini, Compassion, and a Very Good Cause

Moved by recent events, and what most reasonable Americans consider the shameful US policy of separating families at our southern border, I recently dropped everything I had pending (including a pretty full commission schedule) to work on this original painting...

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini - also known as Mother Cabrini - was the first American Saint, and an immigrant herself; a woman who founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in New York, and spent her life establishing hospitals, orphanages, and generally serving the then largely Italian immigrant community. She was canonized in 1946, and is now known as the patron saint of immigrants.

One wonders what she would think of US policy today?

I have no doubt she would be in complete agreement with Pope Francis, who recently stated “Before the challenges of contemporary movements of migration, the only reasonable response is one of solidarity and mercy."

Solidarity and mercy.

Here's the thing. Immigrants do not detract from our country, they ENRICH it. From encouraging economic development (in creating a need for more services, jobs, infrastructure, etc) to serving in our military, to increasing the tax base (with US birth rates down, new citizens make a valuable contribution to programs like social security and medicare), to enriching us educationally and culturally. 

I live and work in Lancaster PA, a city which has more refugees per capita than any other city in the US (about 20x more), and our city is THRIVING. We are the richer for these new residents' presence, and we welcome them with open arms. The organization largely responsible for serving the immigrant and refugee population here is Church World Service. They provide help with resettlement, employment, housing, and legal services. 

In painting Mother Cabrini, I wanted to donate a portion of the print sales to an organization here in my own community, because I believe in activism at the local level. To that end twenty percent of all print sales from this piece will be donated to Church World Services on a monthly basis. Further to this, there's a print sale in my Etsy shop running for the entire month of July, where two or more prints are 50% off (although the donation amount will be the full percentage) - so if you're so inclined you can help a wonderful organization, and capture a couple of pieces of my art too. ;)

(As a side note, the "King of Mice Studios" watermark does not appear on the print, it's only for copyright protection here.)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope you'll join me in doing what we can to help out and to speak up. 

#immigrantsareus #familiesbelongtogether #stopseparatingfamilies #endchilddetention #reunitefamilies #resist

Friday, May 4, 2018

"Fifty and Other F-Words", by the Fearless, Frank and Fabulous Margot Potter

Like thousands of other Creatives, I've known and followed Margot Potter online for several years, and always considered her a kindred spirit. We didn't meet in person until the summer of 2016, a few short months after the death of my husband, at a time when life was pretty much kicking my ass as I attempted to navigate a future without this man who had been my partner of over 36 years. We've had frank discussions about everything from art and creativity to politics, from feminism and raising strong daughters to empty nest syndrome, and through it all, she's been nothing short of an inspiration. 

Margot is self described as "Three notches too loud, five notches too sparkly, aging disgracefully, over 50 and fearless." (Although I don't really believe there's such a thing as Too Sparkly, but there's an artist's perspective for you, hehe.)

 Margot's latest book, "Fifty and Other F-Words; Reflections from the rear View Mirror" launched this week, and in her typical generous spirit, she's celebrating the book launch by interviewing seven "kick ass warrior women", in whose company I am beyond honored to stand (although I can't help but admit to an initial Wayne and Garth moment of "I'm unworthy!"). 

Find the interview here, on Margot's blog - and do read on for further interviews; these women are truly inspiring, and shining examples of hitting our stride in our fifties and beyond. 

And DO pick up and/or order the book! No matter your age - whether fifty is still in your future, or in that rear view mirror, its humor and encouragement will inspire you, I promise. 

Here's to redefining mid life, and to just getting started!