Sunday, April 14, 2019

Saint and Icons, Cats, Bees, and Loss.

Hello there!

Yes, I'm back... sweeping off the cobwebs, dusting things off, letting some sunlight in... It's been awhile (six months maybe?) Apologies, but well....LIFE. 

And Facebook. I tend to forget that not everyone is on Facebook.

I've been busy though, between LOTS of ornaments this past holiday season, trying to catch up on long overdue commissions, and these two new paintings...

Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, in yet another incarnation. I just love painting her, and what could be more perfect than a patron saint of cats and gardeners? I went a little crazy with the floral border on this one, but it was such a fun project. And I've heard from so many people who say this one or that one looks like their cat, which is pretty cool. :)

 She's available as an 11" x 14" print in my Etsy shop, and will be drop shipped directly from the printer. :)

The next project is Saint Gobnait - a sixth century Irish saint (hence the Celtic knotwork border) who is the patron of bees and beekeepers. And Lord knows, they NEED a patron saint right now, *sigh*...Seriously, we need to SAVE these magical creatures - our planet depends on it. Anyway, it was such a blessing to paint this one, and while the original found a good home right away, I'm hoping her prints will follow suit. I think a print would look fabulous in either a simple black frame, or maybe something in a honey colored wood...

 Prints of St. Gobnait are available in TWO sizes in the Etsy shop; 8" x 10", or 16" x 20"....

Spring and summer promise to be busy with both commissions and new work, and hopefully a bit of traveling in the fall... Which brings me to a sadder subject - the recent loss of my best buddy Cosmo the Wonderdog. The epitome of a BEST FRIEND, he was with me through all the years of John's illness, through our mutual loss, a move to a new home, and so many ups and downs I can't even begin to enumerate. He was my canine soul mate, and his loss is felt deeply for his own sake, and for one more connection to John that is lost. I like to think they're together now, both free from pain, and bringing each other joy.

I know I always say this, but I WILL try to be better about updating here. And I'm considering a blog sale this summer as well - something I haven't done in ages, and a way to make the work more accessible to everyone who's not on Facebook. Stay tuned. :)

Until then, wishing everyone a Happy Spring, Happy Easter, and Blessed Beltane....