Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Doors Have Creaked Open....

On August's EHAG Emporium!

This month's offering is a sparkly treasure box featuring a magical black cat gazing at a shooting star...

The box is bentwood, hand painted in acrylics, and adorned with seven Swarovski crystals, and inside the box, there's another shooting star...


It's available, as always, on a first-come basis by emailing me at

$119 plus insured shipping, which will vary by location. 

I'll be back very soon with new work, and a peek at some Ghoultide Gathering goodies. Until then, thanks for visiting, and have a *magical* weekend!

♥ Carolee

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cross Eyed, But Happy...

I suppose I should be thankful that at 54 I still have the eyesight for these finely detailed pen and ink pieces...

Many, many hours of work went into this bentwood box, one of three I have on the work table this week, and the only one I'll be offering on Etsy (the other two will be traveling to the Ghoultide Gathering with me).

Every time I begin the fine line illustration process, I'm reminded of how much I adore doing detail, and one day hope to set aside the time for a large piece like this. :)

In the meantime, many other pieces are in progress too, for the show, and for Etsy, including some limited edition Halloween ornaments I hope to finish next week.

Thank you as always for visiting, and for your kind comments about my work. I'll be back soon with more to show (and hopefully more to say, lol)...Until then, it's nose to the grindstone time...

Artful Blessings,
♥ Carolee

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcoming Autumn!

Just popping in to share a peek at today's PFATT Marketplace offerings...

They can be displayed as they are, but there's also room at the bottom for personalization, which will only take a day, and is offered at no extra charge. :)  I have four of the black and two of the buttermilk finished, and am offering them at just $75 each - as always, on a first-come basis when the PFATT Marketplace updates at 10AM pacific/1PM eastern. :)

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back very soon with new work. :)

♥ Carolee