Sunday, September 27, 2009

Giddy Over Ghoultide!

Teeheeheeheeeeee!! (That was my best witch's cackle) :)

With less than a week until the big day, you can only imagine the madness around here...

The signs and boxes are all completed, a few treat bowls in progress, and one very large piece will be started later this evening. My dining room table and buffet look a bit like the Halloween art explosion at the moment, hehe...

Just four days until we pack up the Beetle and hit the road!

I did manage to list one piece on eBay, probably the last until we return from the show. It's just too difficult to manage listings while out of town - but collectors who can't make it to the show will see lots of new goodies listed the week of the fifth. It's funny, you'd think I'd come back exhausted and tired of painting, but it's the exact opposite. :)

Anyway, here's the eBay piece listed now, a little homage to the raven, with a sparkly twist...

I'd forgotten how much fun a little glitter can be. ;)

Now, back to the Ghoultide Gathering (and apologies if I sound like a broken record) I cannot tell you how inspiring and energizing it is to be in the company of so many wonderful artists, and then to meet collectors in person,'s just the BEST. I only wish there were more time to spend with everyone - it gets CRAZY busy at times! In fact, if you're planning to attend, do try to get there early - people start lining up well before the doors open to get first pick of all the goodies. And do stop by and introduce yourself! I'll be the goddess-size woman dressed in black, lol....

Okay, that's it for now....there's a trio of treat bowls calling my name, and I must get them finished. No rest for the wicked, eh? :)

Hope to see you soon, and if not, I promise to post lots of photos!!

♥ Carolee

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fair Week and Some Challenges Ahead

It's that time again....

The largest street fair in Pennsylvania began yesterday, with the midway just about a block away from our house. Seriously, I could just about throw a rock and hit it. Not that I'd want to.......

Most days anyway. ;)

Looks like fun, yes?

It can be. I mean, what's not to love about a street fair? Games, rides, music, quilt exhibits, pie contests, bright lights and brilliant colors....and *fair food*! Back in my carnivorous days, I remember the Italian sausage sandwiches smothered in peppers and onions...These days I'm partial to the funnel cakes. Soooooooooo good. ;)

The downside is the parking situation and littering. Large objects have to placed in front of the house every time we move the car, so as to save ourselves a parking space when we return. Which is technically illegal, but the local police look the other way, understanding the frustration of downtown residents. And the littering is also very frustrating. No fun waking up every morning to empty french fry cups and snow cone wrappers tossed all over our tiny front yard.

So yes, much as I enjoy the fair in theory, by the second day, I'm usually a bit of a grinch about it. ;)

In other news, we finally have a surgery date for John, who some of you may remember had heart surgery last February to repair his damaged mitral valve. Well, he's since developed something called mitral valve stenosis, and needs another heart surgery, this time to replace the valve with an artificial one. This is what it looks like:

Pretty amazing, yes? Anyway, after some pre-op testing this month, he'll go in to a Philadelphia hospital for open heart surgery on November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day, which he says makes it easy for a British guy to remember).

His surgeon is considered one of the best in the greater Philadelphia area, which is comforting, and John is actually doing amazingly well with all this, deeming the whole situation "a giant pain in the ass", but determined to get it over so he can feel better.

For my part, I'm staying positive and trying not to let worry creep in, and I'm keeping super busy with painting for the upcoming show. I'm also incredibly thankful that we live in a time when this type of heart surgery is possible. It's just amazing to me that they can stop a beating heart and replace the faulty tissue valve with a mechanical one. It's like something out of Star Trek, isn't it? :)

And speaking of painting, I must get back to it! LOTS of goodies in the works, but they won't paint themselves....

As always, your prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated! And I hope to see some of you in just ten days. :)

♥ Carolee

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Blog Events

First blog event.....

The EHAG Wandering Witch Giveaway! You can visit the EHAG blog for details - fun, fun fun, and lots of wonderful goodies....I so wish I could participate in this one, but I'll be away all day. So please do drop by and check it out - you can have fun checking out some wonderful EHAG artist's blogs, and just may win some fabulous gifties too. ;)

Second blog event.....

Blogger Rhonda Roo's Peace Party!

This from her blog: "Peace Day marks personal and planetary progress toward peace. It is celebrated by millions of people in all parts of the world, through song, through dance, through large scale events. But anyone, anywhere can celebrate Peace Day! It can be as simple as lighting a candle at noon, sitting in silent meditation, or through personal acts of kindness."

I'm afraid the extent of my participation in this lovely day will be a little peaceful meditation as I knit a prayer shawl while spending the day with John at a Philadelphia hospital...

And I'll definitely be creating peace inspired works (like the one above) as the holidays approach. In the meantime, do drop by Rhonda's blog, and from there, you'll find links to other Peace Partiers...

Light a candle, meditate, pray, practice random acts of kindness and peace, and pass it on. I like to think it's exponential...if we spread it around, it just might change the world. ;)

♥ Carolee

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blessings :)

Just popping on to show you a very special piece...a large lazy susan that doubles as a set of coasters. How fun is that? I think it would make the best party centerpiece...

I picked this one up a few years ago, and it's since been discontinued, the place where I purchased it having gone out of business. It's been sitting in the studio ever since, just waiting for the perfect inspiration to strike, and it finally did (in a dream, no less!)

It's up for grabs on eBay beginning this evening at 9PM eastern....*UPDATE* - SOLD.

That's it for now....back to work for me (still painting madly for the Ghoultide Gathering!)

♥ Carolee

Friday, September 18, 2009

Johanna Parker on Martha Stewart and Another EHAG Giveaway Event!

This is so exciting! Friend and fellow EHAG member Johanna Parker is in the running for Martha Stewart's "Doer of the Week" in her "Dreamers into Doers" contest! If Johanna wins, she'll receive $2500 for her Halloween art business.

Johanna is not only a gifted artist, but she's just the nicest person, and I'd sooooo like to see her win!! So please take a minute, click HERE, and go to the right where it says "Poll" to vote for Johanna. Thank you!!

And speaking of EHAG members, there's another blog event afoot....

Visit the EHAG Art blog on September 21st for details! Unfortunately, I won't be around to participate in this one (spending the day at the hospital with John) but I can tell you the giveaway goodies are just amazing!

That's about enough excitement for one night, hehe....I'm turning in now, before I change into a pumpkin....

(I'll be back tomorrow to share a very special piece though!)

Until then,
♥ Carolee

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Time!

I'm up to my ears in timepieces this week as I paint several of these beautiful, artisan made, maple clocks...At least three of them will go with me to the show (different designs, of course), but one is up for grabs on eBay.....

Sooooooooo many hours in this one, but I just love all the detail. :)

In other news, the fall e-newsletter went out today, and for those of you who don't subscribe, I'm opening the commission window again for a very brief period. I'm booked through mid November right now, but will take on just a couple more projects prior to Christmas and Yule....So if you have a piece in mind, and are OK with letting the creative process evolve (I work better without strict guidlines) shoot me an email. ;)

I'm off to grab a very late supper now, then back to the painting! (No rest for the wicked, eh?)

Until next time....
♥ Carolee

Monday, September 14, 2009

Burning the Scented Candle at Both Ends....

September madness is in full swing here, as I prepare for the big show and still try to keep up with auctions and commissions. The house is suffering and the dust bunnies are winning, but I've always been of the opinion that a clean house is the sign of a life misspent, so I'm not too worried. ;)

I do have a couple of new pieces to show for all the late hours I've been keeping...

First, back by popular demand is Wicked Jack, listed on eBay now. He's long been one of my favorite characters...the perfect combination of wicked and whimsical!

The next piece I have to show you is very special to me...."Familiars"; a table/bench featuring two beautiful autumn cats, modeled after my own Merlin and Arthur. Handsome boys, aren't they?

This is one of those I was sooooooooo tempted to keep, but sell it I must, so it's listed now too. :)

Let's see....what else....

Oh! I picked up several hand crafted mantle clocks today and can hardly wait to get started on them...Most will go to the Ghoultide Gathering with me, but I'm thinking I might paint just one for eBay as well, so stay tuned.

On the home front, it's apple time!

Seriously, nothing says autumn to me like fresh local apples, and the prices at the farm stands can't be beat right now. These are a combination of granny smith and gala, which will make their way into an apple cake and a batch of homemade applesauce this week....soooooooooo good!

Not a lot else new here, just painting, painting and more painting...and feeling more than a little overwhelmed by everything that must be done before we leave for Michigan. It will come together though, it always does. ;)

Again, many thanks for all the kind comments and emails - I WILL catch up when I return from the show, I promise! In the meantime, there are Halloween pieces calling my name....

Back again soon!
♥ Carolee

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sneak Peak

A bench-like table (or table-like bench?) in progress, featuring a pair of autumn cats....

Merlin and Arthur make great models, yes?

Look for the finished piece on eBay tomorrow. :)

♥ Carolee

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Twilight Parade"

Flying in quickly this morning to share this month's PFATT Marketplace offering - a hand painted wooden treat box in deepest purples, with a little wood and paperclay Jack on top.

It listed last night at midnight, and is available for direct purchase on a first-come basis (just shoot me an email at the address on the right).

Look for another eBay auction soon too - and of course sooooooooooo many pieces in the works for the Ghoultide Gathering!

That's it for today....I'm off to brew a pot of tea and put some tunes in the CD player, then to WORK!

Wishing everyone a magical and *creative* Thursday!

♥ Carolee

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Final Stretch....

With less than a month until the big day (the Ghoultide Gathering!) I'm feeling quite the combination of euphoria and panic...

The house looks like an explosion, wood pieces and painting supplies everywhere you look, an embarassingly thick layer of dust on the furniture (who has time for dusting when there's painting and sculpting to be done?!) and brightly colored Halloween art on just about every surface.

Add to all this eBay, Etsy, the PFATT Marketplace, commission work and correspondence, and it's easy to see why sleep has been limited. Ah, the joys of self employment. ;)

Soooooooo, yes - absolute bedlam here at the moment, but I do have a few things to share with you.

First, a sneak peek at this month's PFATT Marketplace listing, available after midnight on the 10th of the month. LOTS of fun, this one....

Second, a tiny trinket box, listed now on eBay....

Third, one pair of complimentary passes to the Ghoultide Gathering.

I'm offering these up to the very first collector attending the show who shoots me an email (address to the right). PLEASE do not take the passes if you're unsure about going - let someone take them who can make use of them. Thanks. :) *UPDATE* - the tickets are taken. :)

And finally, I have an apology for all of you who've left such kind comments here on the blog, and have received no response. I so appreciate your thoughtfulness, and can only plead the temporary insanity that descends every year at this time, without fail...And I will catch up in October, I promise....

In the meantime, there's some Halloween art calling my name. ;)

Wishing everyone all the blessings of autumn!
~ Carolee

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun and Games!

It's what Halloween is all about, yes?

Oh, I know, some people think it's about horror and terror and all that, but personally, I like the whimsy of it all; the vibrant colors, the dressing up, the parties, the revelry...the magic and fun of it all!

It never fails to inspire...

Of course, sometimes I get a little carried away, working well into the night to finish a very special piece...

Losing all track of time, letting household chores fall by the wayside...

Living in my own little Halloween world until the minute I'm ready to share...

This Halloween checkers game has occupied my every waking moment this week, but I think it was worth it. ;) It's one of those pieces I'm sorely tempted to keep (can you just picture it holding all those Halloween magazines?!)...

I thought I'd share a little preview here, offering it for direct sale just until tomorrow, when I'll otherwise list it on eBay.

If you're interested, just email me for details - first come, of course. *UPDATE* - SOLD.

The rest of the holiday weekend will be spent finishing two commissions and beginning another table/bench - something very special for cat lovers!

In the meantime, I'm off to have a very late dinner and catch up on some reading. Wishing everyone here in the U.S. a relaxing holiday weekend...

Until next time,
♥ Carolee

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hi, My Name is Carolee...

..And I'm a magazine addict.

The addiction is especially acute this time of year, when all the Halloween issues begin appearing on the stands. I can't help it, once September hits, I start jonesing for every issue of glossy, autumny, Halloweeny goodness out there. Thankfully, my addiction is currently being financed by the last of several Barnes and Noble gift cards presented to me at my 50th this summer.

I was especially anxious to check out Somerset Studios "Holidays and Celebrations" issue, which includes a full page ad for the Ghoultide Gathering, and shows a piece of my work...

Hardly a feature, I know, but I was still VERY excited to see my work in print!

Sooooooo, yes. Definite magazine addiction. And this morning - since some kind of dreaded virus seems to have hit - I'd love nothing better than to set aside work for the day, brew up yet another steamy mug of Echinacea tea

....and settle into a big, comfy chair for hours of reading. If wishes were horses, right? ;)

As it is, there's a large storage table and soon-to-be Halloween checkers game calling my name, so just as soon as I photograph some commission work for a collector, work on the new piece will begin. Assuming of course, Arthur is willing to give up his perch...

I'm picturing this one done in the brightest orange and black, with all sorts of Halloween characters, and maybe a little verse around the edge. We'll see how it evolves.

That's about it for this morning. I'm off to brew up a cup of liquid magic and wellness, then to work....

Oops! One more thing!! Almost forgot to tell you about the monthly PFATT giveaway! Run over there and sign up for the drawing - there are some wonderful goodies up for grabs!!

Wishing everyone a happy, *creative* and productive Wednesday!

♥ Carolee