Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Halloween ornaments have been in progress for a few days now, with just a few up for grabs in the Etsy shop each night (as of typing this, there are three just listed)....

And holiday ornaments are being ordered fast and furious over on Facebook - so fast that I'm afraid I can only accept a very few more in time for holiday display or gift giving.

Here are a few from last year, painted from photos of your pet, with their names on the back....

So much fun to paint, and such an honor to create a lasting memory of such beloved companions. ♥

Many more are in progress too, and will be traveling with me to the Ghoultide Gathering in four short weeks (where does the time GO?!)...

If you would like to place an ornament order for the holidays, and are not on Facebook, please email me at

And now, back to work!

Thanks for taking a peek. :)

♥ Carolee
PS - I'm on Instagram now, and loving it! Please find and follow me there if you're so inclined. ;)