Monday, October 29, 2012

A Mighty Storm

Like most of the east coast, having prepared as best we can, we're now hunkered down, awaiting Sandy's wrath.

"Sandy's" wrath?

Sounds kinda silly, doesn't it?

A facebook friend pointed out yesterday that people might take these storms more seriously if they were named after terrifying mythological creatures, or perhaps demons. "Sandy" just sounds so innocuous. That said, the weather service is doing a much better job with winter storms this year; Draco, Gandalf, THOSE are storms. ;)

As is this one, name notwithstanding. The rain began last night, and has continued steadily, and as I type this, the wind is picking up. Our little backyard already looks like a bit of a mud bath covered with leaves -  and while I can't imagine another six inches out there, that's the prediction.

As long as we have power, the painting will continue, although if downed tree limbs become an issue, I may forgo my usual spot under the skylight for a safer interior room. Despite all the preparation the last couple of days (food, water, lanterns, extra propane, clearing the yard of possible projectiles, etc), I did manage to get one more piece painted - a small Cosmic catnip box, which is listed on Etsy now....

I think it would make a wicked cool stocking stuffer. ;)

And speaking of stocking stuffers (see how I did that?), look for Christmas and Yule pieces beginning next week. I'm determined to finish a couple of  commissions first, but truly cannot wait to get started (as usual, more ideas than time!)

In the meantime, we'll see what Sandy brings, and make the best of being temporarily grounded. Ever the optimist, there's a hearty stew simmering in the crockpot, a baroque playlist on spotify, and if all that goes down, there's reading, knitting and board games by lantern light.

Be well and stay safe, my east coast friends!

♥ Carolee

Saturday, October 27, 2012


It's almost midnight, Saturday the 27th - the day of Vanessa Valencia's fabulous Halloween party - and I just now realized I completely spaced it off!

Apologies all around, and in my defense, like so many others, we're in the path of Hurricane Sandy here. Which means the last several days have been all about obtaining emergency lighting, propane tanks, non perishable food and water, pet food, etc etc... Add to this a visit to the emergency room for daughter Courtney, and surgery for furkid Arthur (our big ginger cat), and mind has been elsewhere.

I do intend to spend a bit of time making the party rounds, just as soon as we're sure we've battened down the hatches here.

In the meantime, I wish you all a very Merry Hallowe'en, and I wish all those in the path of the hurricane safety...

♥ Carolee

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A *Magical* Weekend!!

Have you ever had an experience that lingers long after it's gone? A moment - or hour or day - whose memory leaves such a blissful imprint, that the high seems to continue?

Such was the 2012 Ghoultide Gathering...

Months of preparation, of wild imagination and flights of fancy, all for a few brief hours of magic. This is hands down my absolute favorite weekend of the year, but this year truly topped all others. The new venue (in Chelsea, Michigan - more about this wonderful little town later) allowed all the artists to be under one roof again (the first time in five years!) and I must tell you the Halloween energy was just *electric* Seriously, you could feel it. Pure, creative, Halloween intensity!

Here's a little video, courtesy of  Lori Davis, of the moments just before the doors opened (and the near stampede to Scott Smith's table when they did, haha)...

The band you hear (and can see on the hay wagon to the right, in the far back, in places) is the Appleseed Collective. They were perfect, and most of the artists came away with CDs. :)  My own display is not shown here, being on the other side of the aisle, and near the door - but here are two photos taken by my dear friend Jennifer Mac Neill Traylor, who was also my "second" in the King of Mice Studios booth (and a HUGE help - thank you Jen!!)

The entire display...

And a close up of a few of the goodies...

 Of course, the tables didn't look like this for long, hehe...

Most of these pieces are now residing in their new homes - but a few are left - and looking for a good home for Halloween. ;)

The first three will be available on today's PFATT Marketplace (10AM Pacific/1 PM eastern), and I've marked them down just a wee bit in the interest of not only finding them homes, but also reclaiming my dining room table!. ;) 

OK, where was I? Oh yes, back to the show, and to Chelsea, Michigan...

What an utterly charming little midwestern town!

It's easy to see why actor Jeff Daniels still calls Chelsea home. A charming Main Street with Mom and Pop businesses, a clock tower, and right in the center of town, the Jiffy Mix plant. Doesn't get more Americana than that. ;) But lest you equate small with provincial, I should add that Chelsea is also home to one of the best and most sophisticated gift shops I've ever visited; The Potting Shed...

Is this gorgeous and overwhelming, or what? Shabby Cottage meets Paris Apartment meets Vintage meets Halloween meets Christmas!

We also visited a delightful little place called The Bumble Shop, but alas, didn't take any photos. The proprietors of each shop went out of their way to make us feel welcome, even to the extent of little gifts, and putting up posters all over town that said "Welcome Ghoultide!" How cool is that?!

And as for our Chelsea restaurant experience, I have just three words:  




'Nuff said. ;)

 All this makes me want to visit again as soon as possible, but I suppose next year will have to do.

In the meantime, there are those few Halloween pieces left, Look for them on Etsy this Friday, and if anyone is interested in any of the following pieces and would rather not wait, just shoot me an email. Remaining pieces include:

  • House of the Black Cat innkeeper's sign
  • Seek Magic sign
  • Something Wicked sign
  • Annabel Lee coffin box
  • Harvest Moon oval box
  • Witch Haven table
  • Halloween Time Pendulum clock
  • Tuxedo and Tabby Tea Box
  • Wicked Jack sign
  • Wicked Candy Corn pennant
(This list is absent the three pieces which will be on PFATT Marketplace today.)

Finally, thank you Scott and Stephanie for all your hard work - just when I think you can't possibly produce a better show, you completely outdo yourselves!  And farewell until next year to all my Ghoultide Gathering friends...I miss you already!!

 Next up: finishing a few commissions, then switching gears to Christmas and Yule!

(No rest for the wicked, eh?)

Be well, and enjoy the season!!
♥ Carolee