Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Originals ♥

As you can imagine, most recent work has been held back for the sixth annual Ghoultide Gathering - but for those who can't attend, there are two pieces currently available in the Etsy shop. The first (a cake platter/display stand) is shown in the previous post, and here is the second...

A little more primitive than my usual style - sort of a "King of Mice meets Grandma Moses" thing going on, hehe...But I'm having such fun with it, and can't wait to complete a table in the same style.

OK, just had to share, hehe....back to the studio I go, and back to work on the last few pieces for the show. Hope to see you there!

♥ Carolee

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Double, Double Toil and Trouble"....

"Fire burn and cauldron bubble"...

Amidst Ghoultide Gathering preparation, I did manage to paint and list a new piece in the Etsy shop - this whimsical cake plate/display stand...

You can't see it in this photo, but it sits on a pedestal. :)

It's listed on Etsy now, and I hope it becomes a treasured part of someone's Halloween celebration this year!

OK, back to the studio (and thanks for taking a peek!)

♥ Carolee

Friday, September 21, 2012


It's been almost two weeks since I've dropped in with an update?!


All I can do is plead total panic, as I prepare for the biggest (and best!) weekend of the year...

As you can see, the inventory of Halloween goodies grows daily, and is all but taking over the house now...

 I know - this isn't much of an update, *sigh*....but I must get back to painting! Looking forward to seeing some of you at the show, and in the meantime, wishing everyone a happy and blessed autumnal equinox tomorrow!

♥ Carolee

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sneaky-Peeky (and PFATT Update!)

APOLOGIES to PFATT Marketplace collectors!  GoDaddy (my website and email host) seems to be down, so I am unable to retrieve email to see who captured this piece until they are up and running again. Thanks for your patience. ~ Carolee

Infused with magic and whimsy, this one was created as severe thunderstorms blew through our area...

 Seriously - dark as night outside, with wind bending the old oak tree out back, and sheets of rain lashing the skylight overhead...the perfect atmosphere, hehe. :)

It will be up for grabs on a first-come basis on Monday's PFATT Marketplace (10AM pacific/1PM eastern).

Details: The piece measures 15" at its tallest point, is hand made of birch wood, painted in acrylics, and has a sculpted handle. A clear acrylic varnish has been added for protection.

As always, this piece is available to the first person to email me after the update. (

And now, it's back to the proverbial drawing board for me...Ghoultide is less than four weeks away, and I'm in a creative frenzy....eeek!!
♥ Carolee

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wheel of the Year

While each season has its own blessings, there's something about the turning from summer to autumn that makes me acutely aware of Mother Nature's wonders, and of course, inspires the depiction of this turning.

To that end, I've completed another Wheel of the Year, illustrating the eight pagan festivals - or Sabbats - and the passing of one season to another, one year to the next. The lazy susan has become my favorite piece for these wheels, because like the seasons, it turns continuously...

This is a time of year when I'm normally pretty crazed as I prepare for the biggest show of the year, but the stress factor has been intensified this year by a number of personal issues and challenges (more on that in another post)...So what an incredible blessing to immerse myself in this reminder of the constant and beautiful cycles of Mother Earth! It's been a much needed, creative "deep breath"...

The Wheel is listed on Etsy now, and will travel to its new home infused with the all positive energy, love and light with which it was created. UPDATE ~ SOLD

Until next time,
♥ Carolee