Saturday, January 12, 2008



Here it is, the one I've been promising for weeks now....The Witch's Herbal Pantry, titled "Herbal Blessings". :) I just about went blind with this one, taking the bifocals off, putting them back on again, taking them off....But it was soooooooo much fun! I really love the chance to work in fine detail, so once I started this piece, it was hard to stop, hehe....Some of the items on the shelves are from my imagination, and a few are from my kitchen - like Merlin the cat, the bunches of dried herbs, and a couple of the canisters. :)

I don't usually set a reserve on my auctions, but this one took so long (and looks pretty amazing in person if I do say so) that if it doesn't go on ebay, it will go with me to a show later in the year.

On a personal note, but further to the subject of details, is an upcoming change in John's surgery date. Since he's becoming more symptomatic, the doctor put him on disability yesterday, and is trying to re-schedule surgery for sooner rather than later. We should know in a couple of days, and I'll post an update.

In the meantime, I'm painting every minute I can, so when the time comes, I can take a few days. Works in progress include a couple of signs, a black cat piece and a new tea chest, so stay tuned.....

Right now I'm off to my own herbal pantry to whip up a quiche for dinner (spinach and artichoke with mushrooms, made with some of last summer's dried herbs - yummmmmm!)

Have a wonderful weekend, all!
~ Carolee


Michelle said...


Your work is incredible! Your attention to detail and painting abilities mesmerize me! Thanks for adding my blog as a link to yours. I just added yours to mine as well. :0)

I will keep your husband in my prayers.

Umm...that quiche sounds wicked awesome! I wish I was coming for dinner.


Designs by CK said...

Carolee ~ This piece is by far one of the BEST I have seen from you. I know you don't normally keep any of your pieces, BUT how can you part with this one???

Your quiche sounds yummy...can I come over for dinner too? '-)


Kristen Beason Designs said...

WOW Carolee! Your new piece spectacular and beautiful. The attention to detail it tip-top.

Hope all goes well with your hubby.


vintagepaletteart said...

Carolee..............I'm always is awe of your art! I know how trying the tiny details can be in something this size. Very hard on the eyes is right! lol

I hope that John's surgery is moved up quickly and will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.


Holiday Queen said...

A Masterpiece...BRAVO!

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Oh Carolee! This is such a wonderful piece! WOW ~ It was well worth the wait to see! But I understand how difficult tiny details can be! After you pop your eyeballs back into your head...why don't you cut me a piece of that quiche! It sounds YUMMY!

Wrapping you and your hubby in positvie thoughts and prayers!