Friday, February 1, 2008


I'll keep this fairly short today, as there's much to do....TWO of the eBay groups of which I'm a member have "challenge" deadlines fast approaching, and I need to rise to the occasion and finish some work.

The first is the EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists' Group) "Valloween" challenge, wherein members are asked to create something combining Halloween and Valentines Day. Look for a sexy "Wicked" witch box to be listed later today. :)

The second is the AHAO (American Holiday Artists Ornaments) "Star" challenge, asking members to create a Valentine's Day ornament incorporating a star. Strangely enough, look for a pair of kitty cats to be listed on Sunday for this one. :)

It's a good day for creating here - dark and dismal out, with freezing rain falling and making the trees look like glass. If time allows I'm thinking a big kettle of homemade soup may be in order later this afternoon....minestrone maybe? Yep - with a dollop of pesto and hot italian bread...the perfect rainy day supper.

In the meantime, I'm off to light some candles, brew a pot of tea, and paint that witch....

Back with photos tomorrow!

~ Carolee


Dolores said...

Personally, I find getting out of bed and into work with my hair brushed and clothes on straight to be enough of a challenge on these dark winter mornings. If this week had been one half hour longer I don’t know if I would be able to see it through to the end. I actually dreamt I said that to someone last night. Even though it’s best to live in the time we are at, I so want Spring… Good Luck with your Challenges, I'll be trying to comb my hair and tie my shoes…

Designs by CK said...

Carolee ~ LOVE your EHAG sexy witch challenge piece! '-)

Have a GREAT weekend & don't paint too hard! Hehe

Chris :)

Leah Stone Art said...

Hi Carolee,
That sounds like a winner of a dinner to me!
It's cold and rainy here too. I'm staying cozy though. :)

Great Valloween piece!