Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

As anyone who's been reading here knows, it's been a crazy few weeks...Between John's heart surgery and subsequent complications (and the constant worry), the long drive to and from the hospital, and managing things here at home, it's a wonder I've managed to paint anything at all....

But painting keeps me sane, so I did find a bit of time, mostly in the evening hours. And I'm happy to report that with John's recent move to a rehabilitation facility, we're finally beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. He's working hard at physical therapy, and making slow but steady progress. I try to visit daily, but they're keeping him pretty busy, so I'm also scheduling regular studio time again.

The latest piece, listed on eBay now, is pictured above - "The Salem Sanctuary for Wayward Cats".....It was inspired in part by all the letters and emails I've received over the years, from people telling me about their own special, adopted familiars, and also by a woman I knew as a child, who gave the guest house on her property to the care of feral cats. It was such a blessing to paint, and I hope it becomes a treasured part of a cat lover's collection. :)

If you haven't already, don't forget to leave a comment on the previous post to be entered into the drawing for "Happy Jack". The winner will be drawn, and notified on Monday. :)

That's about it for now, except to express thanks for all the prayers, good wishes and positive energy sent our way these past few weeks. The outpouring of support and encouragement has really been amazing, and has helped us through a rather challenging time. I think I speak for both of us when I say we've been truly blessed.

Until next time,
~ Carolee


Barbara on Camano Island said...

This is such encouraging news! My heart is happy for both of you.

Designs by CK said...

FABULOUS new piece! As always!!! :)


Designs by CK said...

WOW!!! Carolee, SO glad you got big bucks for this one!!! '-)


Carolee said...

Thanks very much, Chris, but I'm far more glad this piece is going to a home where I know it will be treasured. That's the best feeling in the world. :)

Kim Hardt Originals said...

Beautiful work as always Carolee!

Glad John is on his way to recovery. You guys are in my thought often.



Hi Carolee,
Thanks for the kind comment...

As a collector it hurts when people think of us as nothing more than money bags.

Happy Saint Patty's Day & I'll be celebrating my Birthday as well.

Glad John is doing better everyday!
XOXOs, Lyndy