Sunday, April 27, 2008


I just can't get enough of it - the brighter and more vibrant the better. (In fact, left to my own devices, it wouldn't take long before I turned our home into something resembling a gypsy caravan, hehe)....

Bright oranges, blues, purples.....It's probably why I love painting Halloween so much (that, and black cats and witches). Here's the latest eBay offering, in shades of brightest yellow to deepest tangerine. Painting it turned an otherwise dreary and rainy day something bright and magical. Oh - and check out the candy corn on the legs - lots of fun to paint!

Soooooooo many ideas spinning around my head this week, I hardly know where to begin; a sign or two, some canisters, a sewing box, a purse.....No idea what will be next, but I do know it will be BRIGHT, so stay tuned. :)

~ Carolee


thegothamcloset said...

Hello, Carolee

AWESOME chair!! Halloween at its best! Ah... my dosage of Magic for the day-Complete!(lol) Thanks.Have a lovely monday.


Gothic Southern Belle Art said...

OH my goodness!!!My jaw just dropped so hard, I might have chipped a tooth!
WOW,Carolee! You amaze me,this one is just... the color is so... WOW!!!! What can I say I am lost for words!
Take a bow, you did a fantastic job on this :) Can't wait to see the rest!
That magic paintbrush is working overtime:)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Carolee, that chair is pure magic! You never cease to amaze me. Susan

Designs by CK said...

WOW!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my Carolee!
This chair is really wonderful!!!
I love the way you did the candy corn! Who ever wins this chair will have a treasure!