Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm THRILLED to announce that in addition to eBay, some of my work will now be available for direct sale on!!

I opened the shop just this morning with three new items, including the "Welcome Dearies" sign shown here. My thinking is that Etsy will be an alternative for people who'd rather purchase something outright than go through the bidding process on eBay. I've been browsing there myself the past couple of months, have made a couple of yarn purchases (some gorgeous hand spun yarns there!) and must say I like what I see. I love that Etsy promotes hand made artisan items over commercial items, and I'm finding the Etsy community to be incredibly supportive and encouraging.

I'll still be listing on eBay, but hope to explore and expand Etsy as well.

Please do have a look, and let me know what you think. :)

~ Carolee


Melissa Valeriote said...

Wow weee!! Good luck in your Etsy shop. I'm sure it'll be a great success for you!

Beautiful pieces.

Designs by CK said...

Good luck with Etsy Carolee! :)

Your shoppe items are lovely!

PS: Great newsletter too.