Monday, September 22, 2008

More Goodies....

Although completely frantic at the moment trying to complete pieces for the Ghoultide Gathering, I'm sharing the wealth on eBay too (not to mention the fact that we have to get there, lol!)

Check out the new offerings; one of three purses I've painted recently (the other two will be at the show), a mystical Raven sign, and of course, this year's piece de resistance, shown in the previous post. :)

I've been getting the nicest phone calls all month from collectors who are planning to attend, and are interested in what I'll be bringing. I soooooo wish I could bring everything hoped for, but with limited display space and limited space in the Beetle, I know it will come down to picking and choosing - always a difficult task, because I love them all and want to see them off to their new homes before Halloween!

On the commission front, I'm backed up until late December now, but can probably squeeze one more in before Christmas - first come, first serve, so if there's a special piece you'd like for the holidays, now is the time to email.:)

Right now, I'm off to face the day, and work on a "Wicked Jack" sign for the show....well, just as soon as I've had a my morning cuppa, and maybe a piece of toast with pumpkin butter. ;)

Wishing everyone a happy and *creative* day, and I'll see some of you soon!!

~ Carolee


Designs by CK said...

You are just painting away Carolee, I just don't see how you do it!

Like I always say, you are one of the hardest working artists I know!

Keep up the GREAT work! :)

Have a great week.


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I am in total amazement with your level of production and quality of work. I'm not worthy, I'm not woman!!

Doreen said...

Best of luck at the sounds like it is going to be wonderful.

Love the well as everything you make.

Have a wonderful day :)

vintagepaletteart said...

Another amazing creation Carolee! Where has the time gone? Ghoutide is almost here!!! I so wish I could go to the show. Hope everything works out this year and you can stop and see me on your way there! =o)

Happy painting!!!!