Friday, November 14, 2008

Better Than Therapy.....

....And certainly cheaper, I truly believe a pot of tea is something at least approaching a cure for whatever ails you.

It's true - just ask the British. Bad day at the office? Have a cup of tea. Feeling stressed? Cup of tea. Kids driving you crazy? Brew a whole pot. Too many holiday obligations? Relax, and have a cuppa. I know, it sounds simple. But the best things in life usually are.

Tea is a staple around here. Couldn't get through a day without it. I prefer flavored and herbal teas sweetened with honey, while John (true to his English upbringing) takes his strong and black with a splash of milk. Tea with sliced oranges is especially good - the perfect ending to almost any meal.

All our tea is kept in the kitchen cupboard, although every time I paint one of these tea chests I threaten to keep it for my very own. And since the ginger tabby on this one looks so much like our Arthur, I was particularly tempted to keep this one, hehe....

It's listing this evening on eBay, with a buy it now option. (*UPDATE*-Sold)

The teas stay here though. After the week we've had, we need them. ;)

Which brings me to an update on John. He's home from the hospital again and feeling much better. Many thanks to everyone who called and emailed, and to all of you who sent prayers and positive thoughts. We're hoping this is the last hospital experience for awhile.

Off to brew up a pot of tea myself now, and curl up with a good book, or maybe some knitting.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend all....

~ Carolee


Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

You forgot - Feeling sick? Have a cup of tea. Just what I did tonight. A cup of Rooibos from my friend in Holland:) Mmmmm...
The new tea chest is simply stunning:)

AwtemNymf said...

Wow! That's gorgeous! The details and colors!

Village Gift Shoppe said...

Just gorgeous Carolee! I think you need to paint one just for you! I should start drinking more tea! What is that kind that you adore so much again?

Oh.....and I am so glad that John is home and feeling better! =D

Hugs, Lori