Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Enchanted Garden....and the Not So Enchanted Garden

In my dreams, this is how my garden appears - bursting with color, every flower imaginable, a little stone path....and fairies of course! Lots and lots of fairies. :)

The reality is a wee bit different....

Lots and lots of dandelions

Ivy completely out of control on the trunk of my beloved flowering crabapple tree

And aconite taking over the herb garden.

There's a short window of time in which we need to get it under control before planting the herbs and annuals, but when? Work and the dreaded flu (which has knocked John for a loop, but I've so far managed to avoid) are overwhelming at the moment, so there it it sits - like The Secret Garden, longing for someone to rescue it.

I haven't decided yet if the sight of my neighbor's garden is motivating me or just inducing guilt. He's a very nice retired gentleman who spends most of his days gardening, and taking care of all the stray cats in the neighborhood. Isn't that nice? Not only for the kitties, but it saves me from becoming the crazy neighborhood cat lady, hehe.

These photos really don't do his garden justice, as they were taken from our side of the little wire fence. I just LOVE his old potting shed too - so much more character than our rusted metal, *sigh*....

But I still have the dream garden in my head, inspiring me to work and clear and plant - a little here, a little there.

The Enchanted Garden sign shown above is up for grabs on eBay now. Maybe it will inspire a fairy garden? I hope so....

How does YOUR garden grow? Have you cleared away the winter debris and planted yet? Flowers? Herbs? Do tell, if only to let me live vicariously, haha...

♥ Carolee


Cornerstoregoddess said...

I want to be an elf living in your neighbor's garden.

And great sign!

Sonia ;) said...

Oh Carolee...I love the Secret Garden movie and story. How awesome to make that story come to life...I envy the lush green in Pa. Its still brown and dry here.

Have a Good Week

Sonia ;)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh how quickly those gardens can get out of hand. I seem to be able to grow an abundance of lovely weeds!!

Bee Serendipitous said...

Carolee...first your Enchanted Garden sign is truly inviting...I too the thought of the "Secret Garden" my garden needs a lot freshening up (weeding, mowing, clipping, cleaning) but all in time..don't rush the process if you don't want to - you never know what you might unearth while you go slowing - maybe a faerie door at the base of a tree trunk, who knows..but definitely go out and ENJOY...may all your days Blossom into your own Secret Garden - Grace & Peace 2 "U" Marlene PS I love your neighbor's garden too...

fawndear said...

I've got a secret garden too, hidden behind many weeds.
Your sign is enchanting and could inspire my black thumb to actually do something with my pile of weeds.

Micki said...

The painting is gorgeous!
I'm rubbish at gardening and i've really got no excuses either as my garden is quite small ;)

Micki x

Janine said...

Hi Carolee,
winter was hard in germany, and so many of my plants didn´t manage to survive the winter.
I´t looked a little sad, after I pulled out all of them. But now spring arrived in Germany and the
flowers and trees start to bloom.
Recently I took picture of it.
It is on my blog.
Have a good start in the week

Heidi said...

Your sign is Beautiful! I have a dirt yard right now. We finished building our new home in November and we are waiting for the driveway to be installed before we do seeding and planting. Hopefully they will be done this week. I totally want a yard like your neighbor's!

snippetgirl said...

Oh, i want to be one of the cats in your neighbor's beautiful garden :)....what a nice man.
Our little backyard is a clean palette right now. I have a few things growing in a shade garden but the rest of it is barren and aching for some life. I just can't seem to decide what i want to do with it yet! I think i just need to throw caution to the wind and get started!
Have a lovely week! The painted sign is enchanting and gorgeous!

Janine said...

Hi Carolee,
thank you for joining.

William Bezek said...

I like the garden, it's lovely and very full of nice mature plantings.

Kathleen Coy said...

Hi Carolee! Getting caught up on your blog - it was hard to go a week without it! My, you've been busy! LOVE the garden sign, the mermaid, and your gorgeous photos!

Girl Interrupted said...

I'm afraid to say I'm infamous for being the grim reaper of the plant world :/ there's no hope for me ... unless I get a gardener

Just thought I'd drop by and say thank you for following my blog ... I'm totally blown away by your gorgeous work! It's totally charmed me! I've loved everything fantasy based since I was a small child and your designs make my eyes and heart glow with joy :)

I will add you to my list and will most definitely be back.

Gourdqueen said...

Carolee I think most of us wish for a garden like your neighbor's. If only we could all have a yard boy!
Your new painting is delightful as is all your paintings!