Friday, May 29, 2009

One New Piece, Another Progressing, a Caffeine Dilemma and Some New Tunes...

...not necessarily in that order. ;)

I should start by saying I don't "do" caffeine - haven't for years. Having hypertension, and a job that requires the steadiest of hands, it's just not a good idea. But mornings such as this, I'm soooooooo tempted to re-think!

Meet Cheetah.

Cheetah (also known as Cheetie, Cheetie-Sweetie, and Buttons) is our sixteen year old former feral rescue baby. She's very frail, weighs less than five pounds and has a heart condition. She also has the loudest wail you've ever heard. Seriously. When it comes to yowling, Cheetah could put the biggest, baddest Siamese to shame. Which was fine when she limited her vocalization to the waking hours. But lately she's taken to wailing whenever she wants to be picked up and petted, which usually occurs somewhere between 2 and 4 AM.

I'm remembering all too well what it was like to waken to the sound of an infant crying every night. The thing is, at 22 I had the energy for it. At 49, not so much. ;)

So.....caffeine? earplugs? (Can't lock her out - don't have the heart, and she's loud enough to waken the dead anyway, even through a closed door)...If anyone has any suggestions, please do share - we're turning into zombies here! :)

Okay, onto new work. I was feeling in a bit of a gypsy mood the other day, so painted this fortune telling sign on a vintage cabinet door. Varnish seemed too glossy a look, so I finished it with a beeswax cabinet maker's polish.

I think it gives it a nice finish without taking away from the distressed, antique look. It's listed now on eBay.

Next up is this HUGE platter (it's something like 18" in diameter). This is about halfway through the process, so stay tuned. I think something this large would look amazing on a wall or mantle, to be taken down occasionally for serving up a big batch of Halloween cupcakes!

Lots of other pieces waiting in the wings, including a few commissions and a truly wonderful storage bench, hand made from birch, with a hinged lid.

Oh! and I'm down to just three commissions now, which should be finished in the next couple of weeks, so if there's a special piece you have in mind, shoot me an email. I can't promise I'll have it in stock, or even that I can order it (have to place most orders in quantity) but I can let you know. Tavern/Innpeeper's signs and certain boxes are usually in stock, and I have a couple of large box type tables coming later this month (see the checkers game on my banner above)....I don't like to get to the point where I feel overwhelmed, so I'll accept about three more commissions, then the window will close again until later in the year.

I'm off to paint now, but before I go, I have to share this fabulous giveaway Johanna Parker is hosting on her blog! Not only is Johanna an incredible artist, but she's truly just the nicest person, and her blog is soooooo whimsical and fun! Here's what she's giving away - isn't it amazing?!

So run right over there and check it out (then cross your fingers along with the rest of us, hehe!)

Finally, there are some new tunes on the playlist (scroll down on the right)....I'm showing my age with some of these, but I like to think they're timeless. ;)

Back again soon!
♥ Carolee


Kathleen Coy said...

I'm always amazed at your had lettering, Carolee! And I hope Cheetah settles down soon. Poor baby, I wonder if she's in pain?

mysticmountainstudio said...

Cheetah buttons!

Solution: wake her up anytime you see her sleeping during the day so that she sleeps all night, silently.

Or just deal with it, cause she's cute and senile and deserves to do whatever she wants after surviving 16 years.

Carolee said...

Thanks, Kathleen :) No, I don't think it's pain. She's been to the vet, and she quiets instantly, snuggles up and starts purring as soon as we pick her up (she's getting too old to jump up on the bed). At one point the vet suggested it may be some form of kitty dementia, because until recently she hated to be held - now, she can't get enough of it. It's like her whole personality changed from this wild, independent creature to one who loves human attention.

Carolee said...

Thanks, Courtney - that's pretty much what Dad said. :-)

pywackit said...

You are just amazing Carolee. Someday I am going to own one of your pieces. You are truly one of my favorite artists.


Anonymous said...

Great pieces, I love your work!

snippetgirl said...

Oh, how i love Cheetie Sweetie...what a precious girl. Your description reminds me of our Little Debbie who died about a year ago. She was about 5 lbs and had this funny, scratchy cry. I loved her more than i can say.
Please give Miss Chee a chin scratch and a hug for me :).
Your lettering is TRULY astounding. I worked at a gift company doing lettering for a few years, but mine is not nearly as good as yours. I SO appreciate your precision and perfection.
xoxo and many purrs,

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I am having the same problems with my Heckle. She's 15, frail and in bad health and howls the loudest most mournful yowls. At least she is sleeping through the night with me!

One day I'll own one of your wonderful pieces!

Tess said...

Please take cheetah to the vet and soon. Animals have to come up with ways of letting us know something is wrong. If this is out of character for her then assume something is wrong and have her checked out by the vet, just to be sure. She is such a cute little baby. :)

Carolee said...

Thanks so much for your concern, Tess, and of course that was the first thing we did. Other than her heart murmer/valve problem (which is tiring but not painful) she's fine. Her bloodwork is all normal, no signs of cancer, no kidney problems, etc....This is basically the same howling she does in the kitchen every night as dinner is being prepped - she's sure that chicken and/or fish is being prepared just for her.

She is a cute little baby - but as she gets older, she's a cute little baby who wants what she wants, when she wants it. :-)

quitethecrow said...

Hi's been a number of days since I've had a chance to check in. As always, I am enthralled with your beautiful work. I'm so lucky to own some of my own!

Little Cheetah is precious. It sounds like she's feeling the need to stay close to her adopted human parents and just wants you to know it. She's learned to trust you and is finally appreciating how nice it is to cuddle. How about those ear plugs that conform to your ear canal...I think you can get them pretty cheap at a discount store. They might help!

Janine said...

OH that sign is so cool it looks as if it´s a hundred years old.

Heidi said...

My kitties lived to be 14 and 19. They too went senile and peed anywhere they were. I had to rip out every piece of carpet in my house and put down laminate flooring. I loved them very much but that is why I don't have cats anymore. I consider you lucky to have a kitty whose biggest vice is wanting to be petted at 2 am. Good luck finding a solution!

Fellow cat lover,

William Bezek said...

The blue that you favor is delicious, it looks stunning on that big platter!

Johanna Parker said...

Hi Carolee!... Just popped over to thank you for spreading the word about my Giveaway, and for saying such kind things about me :-) Of course, you know the feeling is mutual...

See you in EHAG....


Linda said...

a luke warm hot water bottle might settle her down wrapped under a blanket, if shes very frail it might be like a baby waking because her body temperatures dropped even in hot weather if her circulation not good. You might have to get up to do it or you can go prepared with the hot water bottle and some water in a thermous, at least it will be just the once a night. if that works.
Hope shes does well, Bless her. Lindax