Monday, November 16, 2009

Signs of the Season :)

Has it really been almost a week since I've posted here? It doesn't seem so, yet the calendar says it's so. Sometimes life throws us challenges that make time stand still, at least in our own eyes, our own experience - and I'm afraid John's heart surgery was one of those times. Somewhere in the midst of hospital visits, traffic jams, caring for pets, and general housekeeping, we've moved from Halloween to nearly Thanksgiving, and the beginning of the Yuletide season.

Before I show you what this shift in seasons has inspired, I'll give you a quick update on the home front (skip to the next paragraph if the health updates are getting boring, hehe). John has moved from the hospital to a cardiac rehab facility, where he's gaining strength daily, and working on walking and climbing stairs (a must in this old house). I'm visiting every other day now, so as to catch up on painting, and on general life maintenance, and we talk several times a day. If all goes well, he could be home by the end of the week - giving us something to be extra thankful for this Thanksgiving!

So yes. Since I've "awakened" to the season, carols are in constant rotation in the CD player, inspiring lots of new pieces...I love, love, LOVE the old English carols, and "Here We Come a Wassailing" was the inspiration behind this first piece - a quartet of mummers setting out for an evening of revelry....

I had so much fun with this one, hope it becomes a treasured part of someone's Yuletide celebration. :)

Here's another new one - a winter bunny....

I was going for a feeling of quiet beauty in this one - you know, where you can almost hear the show falling. :)

Both pieces list on eBay this evening with a "buy it now" option. UPDATE - The bunny is sold, but the Yule sign is still available. :)

Soooooooooo many other pieces are in the works too - a cat's yuletide pantry and a mitten box are coming soon, and of course, there are always commissions in the works. (I'm booked through February at the moment, so am scheduling for March now - eek!)

That's about it for this evening. I promise to pop in much sooner next time - possibly with a giveaway. It seems like ages since the last one, doesn't it?

Thanks again to all of you who've sent prayers and positive energy our way these past weeks. It means more than you can know, and we consider ourselves truly blessed to feel so lifted up. Until next time....

Much love,
~ Carolee


Valeriote Design said...

So happy to hear that John is improving daily and that you are you are finding the time and energy to to paint. Lovely new pieces!

Renée said...

It's good to hear that John has moved out of the hospital and into cardiac rehab. Things are indeed looking up. You must have been run of your feet between all the visits, and going home to care for all the pets and everything in between. Glad you can take it just a tat bit easier.
Wonderful artwork!!

Be thinking of you and yours.

Be well,

Janine said...

Oh your winterbunny is so lovely.

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Lovely pieces Carolee! So glad to hear that John is recovering.
In light and love~

Sonia ;) said...

Carolee....Im so glad John is doing so well. Im glad you are staying busy also..Have a great week.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Carolee, You and John have been in my thoughts this week. The bunny sign reminds me of the paintings that we sold in my store several years ago. I kept one with an angel on it that has become a family favorite. It says Peace...a perfect holiday sentiment. I am wishing both you and John great strength and energy in the coming weeks.
♥, Susan

Heather said...

The blog world can definitely wait while you deal with such issues!

Love the new Christmas pieces!!!

I do hear the gentle crush of snow!

William Bezek said...

I'm glad John is doing well and that you are back in the studio at work, I can tell from your writing it is one of your favorite places to be.

Susan said...

So glad John is on his way to a full recovery! Now take some much needed time for yourself.
Peace and joy to both of you!!!

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