Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ups and Downs, Highs and Lows, Smiles and Sadness

It's been a crazy week here....and has it really been a whole week since I've visited? Sometimes working at home (and largely in fantasyland) can completely throw you off...Not that I've ever had much of a sense of time or date. Don't wear a watch, don't really have any clocks in the house, except on the computer of course...Just not much of a schedule kind o gal, I guess.

So it's no surprise I completely forgot John's birthday until two days before, when a birthday card arrived in the mail (thanks, Mom!). Better get moving, right?

Yet once again time got away, two days became one, and I found myself here with no present (not unusual, we don't really do birthday gifts) no card, and no cake. I foraged in the pantry for a chocolate cake mix, unsweetened chocolate - anything chocolate really - and came up empty handed. But I did find a strawberry cake mix. And enough sugar and butter for icing. And strawberries in the fridge. And pink glitter sprinkles....I know, I know, not exactly a guy kinda cake, but it sure sounded good. ;)

Ten minutes later, pink cupcakes in the oven. In Mary Englebreit "Queen of Everything" cupcake wrappers, no less. Figured I may as well just go for broke, hehe.

The Fresh strawberries in the icing made it more of a glaze, but they're soooooooo good. Happy 53rd!

Cupcakes also made an appearance in the art this week, with these two little paintings. One sold right away, but one is still up for grabs, at least until this evening. I love the little red buttons as cherries on top of the cakes.

I'm also busy with commissions this week, and am VERY excited about a new illustration project waiting in the wings, which is a bit of a secret at the moment - actually for a while. But it has my head absolutely spinning with magical images and ideas, which tends to have a kind of snowball effect, one idea sparking another, sparking another and so on. I always marvel at people who say they run out of ideas. I mean, how does that happen? I've always found creativity to be exponential - it just multiplies indefinitely, on and on, ideas and images swirling around until you hope you can capture even a tiny fraction of what you dream....

Which brings me to another place of vivid imagination, the EHAG Emporium! This is only our second month, but we're all just so excited about this event, I can't even tell you. The update will happen on the 31st (next Wednesday) at 9PM eastern, with the absolute finest in Halloween art up for grabs on a first come basis. Can't wait!!

In the meantime, there are weekly giveaways on the blog - this week's being a wonderfully whimsical ornament from EHAG artist Linda Kennon, the Gourdqueen...

Be sure to drop by and enter.:)

Those are the ups....But unfortunately there have been a few downs this week as well.

It's with a very heavy, but still hopeful heart that I share a request for prayers and positive, healing energy. You may remember the Penny Tree Auction a few posts back....A beautiful feather tree adorned with ornaments created by the artists of the PFATT group, in honor of Penny McAllister, who has been fighting acute leukemia for the last several months. (Proceeds were donated to the Alabama chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society).

We all heard yesterday that Penny is fighting for her very life now, so I'm asking you to please send up a prayer if you're so inclined, for Penny's healing and recovery, and for strength for her family and friends.

UPDATE - Penny lost her very brave battle with cancer this past Friday. Please say a prayer for her family and friends at this most difficult time.

A dear friend of mine is spending time at her Father's bedside this week too, as this very good man spends the last days of his life with family and friends before joining his late wife. Again, if you're inclined to prayer, please send one up for my friend and her Father, for strength and comfort as he makes this last journey.

Overall, it's been quite a week - ups and downs, highs and lows, smiles and tears...and so it goes. As we celebrate John's birthday today, we'll remember how truly precious this life is, and how important is is to find magic in every single moment.

In closing, a little thought all the anger and animosity I've seen in the news and on the internet this week; life is too short. Rather than trying to tear something down, rather than anger and fear, let's focus on compassion and building something that truly works. We're all in this together, and caring for each other fiercely should be our first priority. :)

Until next time, wishing you much love, and many magical moments...
♥ Carolee


Anonymous said...

I adore the cupcake art.So cute.The real cupcakes look yummy too,lol.

I will sure consider your friend in my prayers, so sad.

Happy Thursday to you!~~Becky

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Sending healing prayers to all who need them, Birthday wishes to your husband John, and kudos to you for your lovely cupcakes! Peace and Happiness to all. - Deb

Nancy Lee Malay said...

So well said, is way too short.

Best wishes to John on his Birthday!


julietk said...

Earnest Healing wishes to Your Friends.
Happy Birthday Hubby pink or not i bet he like his cakes :-) I bought my hubby a pink flexible keyboard today and he was ok with it :-D Please come and join my Easter Bunny giveaway. I have admired your boxes for a few years now you do always seem to have endless inspiration.

suziart said...

You did well for the for Penny, I just found out tonight that she was ill and gravely ill...I am sick...and I send loving thoughts and prayers to her and family and to your friend who is losing a Father, I know what that is like...

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

It has been one of those weeks here too. Carolee, I am really loving your cupcake paintings!
And I heard the news about Penny's setback yesterday. Prayers for her and your friend too.



Designs By CK said...

Carolee I wanted to say thanks again for our email chat this week!

You are the best!

CK (-: