Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Rest for the Wicked ;)

It's been a crazy busy week here, and isn't likely to let up any time soon...But I'm not sure I'd have it any other way....Well, alright - maybe a day off once in a while, hehe. ;)

I've been painting like a madwoman, and have some new work to share. First, these two adorable little bowls, part of a set of four I picked up at an antique store last weekend. The other two are destined for the Ghoultide Gathering....

The orange bowl is sold, but the blue one with the tuxedo cat is listed on eBay.

Here's another piece, also listed on eBay - Isn't this just the coolest shaped box? I love the curved lines - so elegant. I wanted to do something special with this one, so sculpted a little accent/handle for the top. My daughter says all my moons look like me, hehe...I don't see it. OK, maybe just a little...

I had such fun with the Celtic knotwork border on this one. I think it gives it a wee bit of a mystical feel.

I've also been working on the first card for the upcoming oracle deck. SUCH fun! No details yet, but stay tuned...

Overall, it's been a wonderful, productive week, with just one disappointment. Some canvases I ordered arrived dented. Boo Hiss. So back they went, a replacement order placed, as I began rescheduling and juggling completion dates.

The week ended on a high note though - Saturday night dinner with good friends, which is always a treat. It seems ages since we've entertained here and I'm determined to remedy that this summer. It just doesn't get any better than good food, good wine, good music and good company, does it?

Speaking of good wine, I'm off to have a glass now...Actually, I'm off to have a glass of mediocre wine, if there is such a thing, hehe. I'll be back soon though, with more new work, further rambling, etc....In the meantime, I wish you a magical, creative week. :)

♥ Carolee

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Luisa said...

complimenti per i bellssimi lavori, per la bravura e per la fantasia, ciao luisa