Friday, June 4, 2010

A Touch of Enchantment ;)

Yessssss, this is another "fly-by" post, hehe...but I couldn't resist sharing my latest piece....

I know, it follows on the heels of a tea chest and a tea tray - what can I say, I LOVE tea! There is truly something enchanting about it, don't you think? It's up for grabs on eBay now.

Flying out again - must prepare our VERY late supper (90 plus degrees and humid here, so we're having a shrimp salad - yummmmm!)

Back very soon!
♥ Carolee


Brown Sugar Babies said...

I want to paint like you when I grow up.

Susan Faye said...

You are such an enchantress! Your artwork always makes me smile...

Janine said...

Dear Carolee
it´s quite a while since my last visit. And you made so many lovely things.
I love all your new creations.
Have a great sunday