Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The *Art* of Blogging

We've all heard the chatter (and in many cases seen signs) that in this fast paced, twitter kind of world, blogging is becoming obsolete.

Oh, I hope not!

But then, I'm still lamenting the demise of the beautifully hand written letter. ;)

Between blogging, facebook, twitter, texting, and artsy-crafty social networking sites like TheHive, Ravelry, etc, it often seems it's all we can do to keep up! And while each has it's advantages (although I'm personally holding out on the texting thing, hehe) I have a special affinity for my blog, and for the favorites I visit when I have time. I also have to give a shout out to TheHive for allowing members to import their blogs - I love that.

I realize people generally tweet more often than they post to blogs, and some prefer the immediacy of it, but I find it very difficult to post something thoughtful in 140 characters or less, and tweets just don't have those lovely visuals I find on my favorite blogs.

If I'm feeling in need for something enchanting and inspiring, a relaxing little break in my day, I can always count on a cup of tea and Vanessa Valencia's Fanciful Twist blog. Just *magical*! If I'm feeling cooped up and want a little beauty, I visit my friend Jen's GypsyMare blog and take in all that wonderful photography. If I want to touch base with artist friends and see what's happening in their worlds, I need look no further than my sidebar. And if I want music without having to sift through the rather large CD collection, there's always my blog's current playlist, or the playlist on Jenn McGlon's Noodle and Lou blog. (♥love♥ this one!)

I know I probably sound like one of those cranky old technophobes when I say I prefer more in-depth forms of communication, but I can't help it. As an artist, I'm drawn to visuals, and I like to explore.

How about you? Do you blog? Do you tweet? Do you post, do you text? Do you actually WRITE? (she says in utter shock, falling back against the wall, back of hand to forehead!)

Do you have a favorite blog you visit when you want a little beauty and magic in your life?

Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

♥ Carolee


A mermaid in the attic said...

I don't 'tweet', I barely use my mobile phone and I'd like to keep it that way! Who wants to be contactable ALL the time?! But I'm with you on blogs...when I need a bit of inspiration or a little holiday away from my own life of chaos (!), I like so much to be able to visit my favourite blogs, and see what everyone is up to in their part of the world, and ESPECIALLY all the lovely photos, of artwork definitely, but also just life in another place. When it was hideously hot last summer here, I would escape into the Northern Hemisphere winter and frolic (virtually anyway) in the snow...wonderful! For a super treat, I always love visiting Rima Staines' blog...it truly is like stepping into the kingdom of faery. If she hasn't got a new post to read, I sometimes just like to go back and read old ones at random. She can be found here:

sassypackrat said...

I love the art of the blog! I'm an addicted tweeter, but that's where I have short conversations. Blogs are like reading visual letters of dear friends. They are where I get inspired, find out new info, keep in touch with other artists and learn more about myself and others. Blogs are a very important part of my life and I'd hate to see them go by the wayside!

Crowsnest Pass Primitive Folk Art said...

I hear ya...I love my blog...I love to post...love to hear from folks...I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world...you just can't compare blogging to those other avenues like twitter etc. Hugs Susan

RoBiN said...

Oh my, Carolee....as I write, er....TYPE this response, I sooooo wish for a HANDWRITTEN letter to appear in today's mail...I love to write, and not only that, I love to do it in Fountain Pen, and when the occasion calls for it, my own style of Calligraphy!!!
I blog, but not often, and I often find myself saying, I MUST UPDATE, and never do....I admire you and the others that MANAGE that, AND a full crafting day, and so it goes, it inspires me to do better, but I know that I am what I am and I try not to pretend....LOL!

Keep posting, Keep blogging, and most of all, keep up the beautiful work!!! I'll be watching!

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

I use my phone for calls only,do not text, have a twitter account but don't tweet, on facebook just to lurk and play FarmVille :), but I do blog...a lot! Love to read the comments. Post both my art and my photos. Love to visit blogs such as yours!

Heather said...

I can't stand Twitter... nope, nope, nope!

I love reading blogs, and they're so much more informative, I don't think they can be replaced by Twitter ever... at least I hope not!

I blog, as often as I can... and I LOVE typing... I have several blogs, one for crafts (littlebearries) one for a stuffed bear I own (adventuresofdotdotdot) one for a doll I own (travelingtwig) and one for reviewing books and movies (littlesqueed)... I just LOVE to write... and I love writing Snail Mail letters too, but it seems no one wants to do that anymore :(

I love going here for blog beauty:


fawndear said...

Love the *Art of Blogging*. I use my cell phone for calls only. Can't understand all the other gadgets.
It seems some of my favorites are your's as well. I also love http://buttonwillowchronicles.typepad.com/my_weblog/
Thank you for adding your artistic magic to one of my favorite places to visit.

William Bezek said...

Let them say what they want Carolee, the truth is blogging takes time and a bit of creativity to make it good. You have to be literate, a decent photographer, and have an interesting enough life to blog about in the first place! I think people who say it's done are too lazy for all of the above. And maybe jealous of those who do it. They would rather just text a few words on their trendy new phones while they are speeding through that school zone.

Carolee said...

Thanks for all the suggestions!

Will, I should have added, when I want to read something both witty and thought provoking (not to mention view some wicked cool Halloween art)I always head to your blog. :)

pinkglitterfae said...

I don't have twitter, and probably never will. Why would I want to talk about silly little things I do during the day? just doesn't make sense to me...do love my blogs though, and have many I like to read.
In fact, there is nothing better than to sit down after dinner with a cup of coffee, and start going through my fave blogs. I prefer to read nice long posts, with pretty pictures. Life is moving just too fast with technology, it's up to us 'oldtimers' to slow it down

Sunny Lee said...

I think As visual artists, we prefer blog concepts..
I do feel more comfortable with blog as well.
when you have sometime..come visit my blog as well...http://sunnylee24.blogspot.com/

Diana Evans said...

wonderful to meet you!!! I like tweets but I love to see more visuals and blogging does that for me!!!

Elysian Field Originals said...

I do use Twitter but am not on there much at all. I network via Facebook and that has served me well with my art. I love the Hive and have garnered some great hints and tips about blogging from there.
I keep a journal that I have decorated and I hand write all of my ideas and thoughts there. Even went so far as to take a wild turkey feather I found and created a quill pen to use the old fashioned way. Really made me appreciate technology and how it's made life easier in some respects. I still love writing by hand though.

Alyice Edrich said...

I tried to be an active tweeter, but I find so much gets lost, so much is missed, in the fast pace of Twitter. I'm on facebook but that's mostly reserved for people I actually know. I don't text ever. I hate to say it but I find the whole concept rude and intrusive. If I am going to use my cell, I want to hear a voice on the other end, otherwise, I could just type an email. As for blogging, I probably write way too much, share far too much. But I love the therapeutic qualities of blogging, and the personalization that goes into them.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at blogs – I share some of your favorites and find inspiration for my writing from the art, photographs and general mood that comes from them. I tried Twitter and am still registered there, but my tweets were lame and I just couldn't sustain enthusiasm for it. I prefer Facebook – where I see you, too – but that's sometimes a time zapper so I'm limiting my exposure there to 1/2 hour a day. Blogs are still my favorite – having one is like creating your own living space which you decorate and express yourself in as you like. There are so many creative bloggers out there: as a Mermaid in the Attic suggested, Rima Staines has a brilliant Hermitage and my other favorites are Moonlight and Hares and A Faeritale of Inspiration – you may already know them.

Sandy said...

I prefer blogging over FB, Twitter though I do both some. I FB more then Twitter. I prefer blogging over mail lists/forums. I rarely text except if I know hubby's in a meeting or something alone that line. I don't use my phone as a camera, I have a camera and I don't use it as a phone either. lol

Aimee Jeffries said...

Hopefully blogs never go away! I love sitting down at the end of the day and going through all the blogs I follow. And it still tickles me to get a hand written note from sellers :)