Thursday, December 9, 2010

Commissions, Commitments and General Craziness

Okay....(deep breath here).....Today is December 9th.

That gives me about ten days to finish three commissions and more than a few requests for trinket boxes and such.

Not to mention half a dozen batches of cookies, decorating the tree and whipping the house into some semblance of order.

Then there are gifts to be made, and cards to be sent.

And a day off next week for John's radiation oncology appointment.

I think if any household needed elves, it would be OURS. I'm just sayin'...

In the meantime, here are a few goodies I consider a start; five little holiday trinket boxes, perfect for gift giving. Two will be on eBay this evening at 9PM eastern, and three will be up for grabs on the PFATT Marketplace...

Next up is another La Befana piece. I'm so smitten with the notion of a Christmas Crone, I need to paint her one more time, and larger. So look for a "Buon Natale" sign very soon....

In the meantime, I hope your season is bright and sparkly, and you're accomplishing all you'd set out to do!!

And if you know of any elves who'll work for cookies, do send them this way! ;)

♥ Carolee


Julia @ bearcabinminiatures said...

They are lovely, I will be keeping an out out for them :0)
If I see any elves, I will send them your way.. after they have cleaned up for me of course :)
Julia x

jinxxxygirl said...

What a wonderful painter you are. I am in awe of your artistry! Best wishes to your husband. And best of luck in all your endeavors. Merry Christmas!deb