Monday, October 17, 2011

Winding Down, Anticipation, and the Wheel of the Year

One of the most meaningful things about being a "holiday" artist is the opportunity to focus deeply on each season as it approaches. In creating work for Halloween and Samhain, Christmas and Yule, Easter and Beltane, and so on, a connection is made to the natural cycle of the earth. There's harmony to be found in living and painting for each season, in letting Mother Nature take the lead, and celebrating each festival or holiday as it comes around.

For the last several months, Halloween has been the primary focus, and anticipation has been building. Now that it's almost here (just two weeks!) I'm anticipating a bit of a gear change. The days are already growing shorter, a reminder that soon the harvest season will be over, and winter will be upon us. A few Halloween pieces remain up for grabs as of this writing, and I do hope they find good homes before the season is out. To this end, I've added a little note to the higher priced piece allowing two payments (a little easier to manage in this economy).

The apothecary/spells and potions chest is available on Etsy, and there's also a trio of mending box pinkeeps on the PFATT Marketplace. This is the larger of the three...

Soon Yuletide work will be in full swing (but always with a magical twist). I'm very excited about a new Santa cutout, and am considering combining the best of both seasons by creating a "Harvest Santa". Stay tuned. ;)

Angels have been spinning around in my brain as well, but not the human variety. I'm thinking angel cats, angel mice, angel rabbits, and so on. I do believe our furry friends are angels in disguise, so I suppose it's a natural progression. :)

Commissions are winding down too, as I play catch-up over the next few weeks, and a new project focusing on the wheel of the year will begin in January. VERY excited about this one, and just know it will be a blessing to paint.

How about you? Are you anticipating the change of seasons, or doing anything special to mark the holidays or festivals? I just love hearing about other people's celebrations and observances.

That's about it for today. I have a very full week ahead, with a friend visiting, painting and errands to be done, and a few hospital tests for John (who facebook readers may remember was stuck at a Pittsburgh area hospital for a few days earlier this month).

But I'll be back soon to share the first few pieces of the new season! Until then, I wish you all the blessings of Autumn...

♥ Carolee

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

We have three family birthday this week, and then it's on to Halloween! I almost always decorate for birthdays, so that is why I am usually so late in decorating for Halloween. We went to our college's Homecoming two weeks ago, and it is always so much fun!!! :D