Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Nesting

Despite the small pang of regret I always feel as we bid goodbye to October - and very soon to autumn - there's something very cozy and welcoming about preparing the home and heart for winter. November is a month for nesting, for settling in. The last of the autumn leaves will be raked, the pond plants cut back and put to bed, the outside water connection shut off, and the kitchen countertops rearranged to accommodate the crockpot. Lap duvets, afghans, and my favorite readers wrap are draped over the living room furniture, knitting and embroidery projects sit on the floor by my favorite chair, along side a large stack of books, and the tea cupboard and candle boxes are well stocked.

Art supplies will be purchased in larger quantities this time of year too, as weather can prevent a quick run to the store. The last wood order, and last clock order of the year will be placed, and picked up at the Amish woodworker's shop before the snow flies (OK, most years before the snow flies - I'm considering last week's October snowstorm an aberration).

In the studio, while Halloween and things *magical* are a constant, Christmas and Yule pieces will be added to the schedule, and a few personal projects will begin. Homemade, handmade gifts are perhaps the best part of this November nesting; painting, stitching and cooking mindfully for someone special. ♥

We're very big on handmade around here, on gifts that come from the heart. And while Halloween is a favorite holiday for all it's magic and enchantment, Thanksgiving and Christmas are at least equal favorites for the deep meaning they carry, and the time spent with family - more precious than ever after the health challenges John has faced in recent years.

So the season of nesting begins, and also brings new inspiration for 2012 (more on this next month!). In the meantime, may November help us all to slow down a bit and find enjoyment in the little seasonal tasks that make a house a home.

Until next time, much love,
♥ Carolee


GOTHAM239 said...

So true! Though I am going through Post Halloween withdraw and autumn/fall farewell sadness, I so agree with the November nestlings Thingey. (lol) I love this entry of yours! I too will prepare my home and enjoy the seasons as they come.


Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

Love this post! :-)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I think most of us on the East coast feel this way..I am sure that I do!!

Cameron said...

It's still flip flop hot here in California....I can't wait for the cooler weather to stay for good!

It's funny how my tombstone strewn yard looks fantastic in the days before Halloween...and just plain cluttered and inappropriate in the days after...haha!

Anonymous said...

Any improvement in this old house of mine is huge. I love the color of the formica countertops. Taking a cue from that long scratch on the original ones, I’m extremely careful not to do anything to damage them, but they are pretty durable.