Thursday, July 5, 2012

Art + Challenges + Independence Day

Hello again!

Let's see....where to start? It's been over a week, and we have a lot of catching up to do...

In the studio, things have been crazy-busy. I'm making progress on a few commissions, and have several Ghoultide Gathering pieces in various stages of completion. No photos of those, but I'll share a couple of the commissioned pieces.

The first is one of the Full Moon Goddess series, an 8" x 10" painting on canvas. This is Selene, Lunar Goddess, and divine manfestation of the moon itself, chosen to represent the Blue Moon....

She'll be available as a print later in the year. :)

The second piece is an oval, bentwood box, with an adorable little mouse...

Sooooooo much fun to paint. I have a few of these little boxes in stock, as well as a few canvases, so if anyone would like to arrange a commission, just shoot me an email. :)

Upcoming work includes another Mouse House painting, a "Practical Magic" inspired stationery box, and possibly a painting, as well as a new hare painting, and a large platter with Halloween cats. These pieces will all be up for grabs on Etsy, unless someone claims them first...I'm sorry to be so vague about availability, and I do try to be fair, but with medical expenses mounting (read on), it's necessary to sell each piece as soon as I possibly can.

On the home front, this past week has been quite the roller coaster ride; some high highs, some low lows, and not much of an even keel, although we're hoping to get back to level ground soon.

Regular readers know John's health has been an ongoing challenge; multiple heart surgeries, congestive heart failure, COPD, and non-hodgkins lymphoma - each with its own set of complications. Without getting too technical, suffice to say that not only has his breathing been getting worse, but last Thursday we received the news that he is once again out of remission.

Radiation therapy was started immediately, with four treatments per week at Temple University Hospital (quite the commute from Lancaster County), for the next five weeks, and probably several follow-ups after that. We've been through this before, and remain optimistic about another remission, but this is NOT the news we wanted to hear.

Riding to the to the top of the roller coaster, was the news of the Supreme Court decision upholding the Affordable Care Act. Now, I don't like to get political here, and I do realize that good people differ on this issue. But I am here to tell you that this decision may literally save John's life. With an end to caps and pre-existing condition denials, it means that whatever happens with his employment, he can still get care. And that's HUGE. I had tears in my eyes when I read the news. Because for us, this issue isn't abstract, it's personal. And I can't tell you how much it hurts when people (especially friends and family) tell us that they're against it anyway. Sorry, but money and politics should never be more important than someone's life. Period.


In the middle of all this turmoil, the latest round of treatment, etc., came Independence Day -- which was spent as it it usually is, calming and comforting the furkids as our neighbors set off illegal fireworks. Every year we talk about hosting a party or cookout (sans explosives of course), and every year we end up "home alone",  a party of two (OK, seven if you count the furry people). I hope to remedy this by summer's end though, and have a large barbeque/potluck. Maybe a celebration of sorts when John's treatments are over. ;)

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who's been so supportive throughout this ordeal. Knowing that we're held close in thought, and lifted up in prayer gives us strength. Sometimes the only way out of difficult situation is through it - and we forge ahead knowing we are truly blessed.

Until next time, much love,
♥ Carolee



Ms. said...

Damn the dissenter's ignorance, and may they never face what millions face when health care is a matter of life and death. Although the ACA has never gone far enough to really make our broken health care system fulfill the real needs of most folks, and, although the Supreme Court made a marginal deal on this one, health care is still in the greedy grip of political jockeying for power, and it should not be. My sympathy and prayers for you and John. Times like this make me wish I was a rich woman, because I would purchase everything you produce and gift it all to charitable auctions that help people pay for medical treatments they can not afford. Your work is lovely, and your courage a model of positive energy in action.

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Continuing to hold you both in uplifted thought =0)