Saturday, August 4, 2012

Something New

Although art is a journey, leading us to unexpected places, every once in a while, it's possible to become stuck in a rut - the same palette, the same materials, the same method, the same subject matter, and so on.

As a Halloween artist, I obviously tend to revisit the same themes; childhood memories of setting out, treat buckets in hand on All Hallow's Eve, witches and black cats, the glow of a full harvest moon, and all that goes along with the *magic* of Halloween. And if I'm doing my job right, something in my work will spark emotion; fond memories of celebrations gone by, or anticipation of celebrations yet to come.

But the process...well, sometimes one feels the need to mix it up, just a little.

To this end, I've reunited with a very old friend - the oldest perhaps, and the first medium with which I was ever enamored: pen and ink.

While I fully expect this old love will eventually translate to some two dimensional work (and possibly prints), I've begun with a few highly detailed three dimensional pieces, like this one...

Labor intensive and time consuming to be sure, but with happy results. Like an etching, but on a functional piece.

I actually explored this method a few years ago, in an art "challenge" thrown down by EHAG (The Eclectic Halloween Artists' Guild). The idea was to create a piece inspired by the work of Edward Gorey. Here's what I came up with (now residing with a collector in the Bay area)...

 After the challenge, the idea was tucked away, and only recently resurrected - the result being that my head is now spinning with possibilities for new work - a treat bowl for starters!

The tried and true acrylic pieces will of course continue, like this other little oval box, bound for the October Ghoultide Gathering...

But every once in a while it's fun to step outside the comfort zone, and explore something new.

I'm off to the studio now, and will share a few of these new pieces as they evolve, both here and on facebook. And if you have a few moments, I'd love to hear feedback on the new technique!

Until next time,
♥ Carolee


Kate Sterling said...

I love the new direction, Carolee!

jann said...

Lovely as always, I adore your work!

Jenah said...

Reading your post hit the nail on the head! Fond memories of Halloweens past and the magic that is All Hallows Eve! That is exactly why I am so smitten w/the holiday, and why your work is so striking to me! The pen and ink is wonderful! What fun new directions will it take you? Can't wait to see! <3

Rue said...

Wow - they are gorgeous! I love the witch box - she really 'pops.'