Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Wheel of the Year

While each season has its own blessings, there's something about the turning from summer to autumn that makes me acutely aware of Mother Nature's wonders, and of course, inspires the depiction of this turning.

To that end, I've completed another Wheel of the Year, illustrating the eight pagan festivals - or Sabbats - and the passing of one season to another, one year to the next. The lazy susan has become my favorite piece for these wheels, because like the seasons, it turns continuously...

This is a time of year when I'm normally pretty crazed as I prepare for the biggest show of the year, but the stress factor has been intensified this year by a number of personal issues and challenges (more on that in another post)...So what an incredible blessing to immerse myself in this reminder of the constant and beautiful cycles of Mother Earth! It's been a much needed, creative "deep breath"...

The Wheel is listed on Etsy now, and will travel to its new home infused with the all positive energy, love and light with which it was created. UPDATE ~ SOLD

Until next time,
♥ Carolee