Saturday, October 27, 2012


It's almost midnight, Saturday the 27th - the day of Vanessa Valencia's fabulous Halloween party - and I just now realized I completely spaced it off!

Apologies all around, and in my defense, like so many others, we're in the path of Hurricane Sandy here. Which means the last several days have been all about obtaining emergency lighting, propane tanks, non perishable food and water, pet food, etc etc... Add to this a visit to the emergency room for daughter Courtney, and surgery for furkid Arthur (our big ginger cat), and mind has been elsewhere.

I do intend to spend a bit of time making the party rounds, just as soon as we're sure we've battened down the hatches here.

In the meantime, I wish you all a very Merry Hallowe'en, and I wish all those in the path of the hurricane safety...

♥ Carolee


Cameron said...

Stay safe! Wishing you and your family well!

Henny said...

I wish you much strength with Hurricane Sandy ... but also all the best with your cat.
And beside all off this, I wish you also a Happy Hallowen!

Anne said...

Dear Carolee, wishing you safety during the storm...♥ ..and well wishes for all your family and your Furbaby!If you get a chance, check out the photos at my "party"...your wonderful ceramic platter I got a few years ago...(I have a link to you) glad it was packed and survived the fire...
Happy Halloween!

Kelly said...

Sorry to miss you! Sending well wishes and hope to see you next time!; )

Victoria said...

Stay safe, and I hope your furbaby recovers completely with no complications. Hope to see you at the next party!



Rachel said...

Keep safe Carolee, that's the most important thing.

Happy Halloween

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hello Carolee,
We have been caught up in preparations too. I hope you will be safe where you are.

If you get the chance, won't you please visit at my party?:

Wishing you a safe and lovely evening,