Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmastide at Chez Clark

2012 has been a Christmas to remember, filled with the comforts of home, with friends and family and furkids, and most of all, much love.

In the wake of heartbreaking events in Connecticut, and again on Christmas Eve in Upstate New York, I've felt the need to immerse myself in home and family, reflecting on how very much they mean to me, how blessed I am, and how precious these people and these moments spent with them truly are. Sometimes I take that for granted. Sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle.

So I thought I'd take a few minutes to share a little glimpse of these people I love with you, and of our Christmas, beginning with daughter Courtney...

 A beautiful child, who is no longer a child. Thoughtful and kind and bright, and I can honestly say a pure joy to raise.

And the Mice President himself, husband John, shown here beside me in a rare photo (I'm positively phobic about cameras, but gave in just this once at Courtney's request)...

 We've been together for well over 30 years and faced plenty of challenges together, and I can't imagine anyone I'd rather build a life with. He's been supportive of every crazy idea I've ever had, and always, always keeps me laughing.

And that's a lot. ;)

Soooo, back to Christmas....I used the word "Christmastide" above, because I'm committed to the old fashioned notion that the celebration is not just one day, but twelve. Today is Boxing Day, or St. Stephens Day - the second Day of Christmas, and our halls will remain decked until Epiphany on the sixth of January. On January fifth ("Twelfth Night") we're hosting another little holiday gathering here. :)

Our Christmas Day celebration was, as always, pretty traditional. John is English, and loves the whole Dickensian feast thing, so we always do prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, all the trimmings, and of course, Christmas pudding (a.k.a. plum pudding) for dessert. This photo was taken just after the sprig of holly was removed and the flames doused...

It's served swimming in custard sauce - soooooo good. :)

Dear friends joined us for the feast and we had a wonderful time.

And presents! At the risk of being one of those annoying, bragging parents, I have to share a favorite, made by Courtney. This beautiful teal scarf...

You Tube secretly taught her to knit (succeeding where I admittedly and repeatedly failed, lol)...I had no idea! Can't wait to wear it outside, it looks so warm. She also made me an ornament - decoupaged with pretty, artsy paper...

I need to try this.

Anyway, for a former art student turned businesswoman, it's very cool for me to see her creating, and I like to flatter myself that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ;)

In addition to these handmade treasures, I was thoroughly spoiled with lots of other goodies, including a replacement for my favorite, long ago broken Kliban coffee mug (Thanks, Ann!)...Anyone remember this little ditty?

Hehe. ;)

And thanks to several family members who heard about our poor, broken, on-its-last-legs stove, we're off to home Depot tomorrow, gift cards in hand to buy a new electric range (yay!)...

The prospect of an accurate and reliable oven, and four working burners - oh joy, oh bliss!

But the best gift of all was spending time with these people I love, the ones who bring joy and warmth and comfort not only to the holidays, but to every day.

We may not have much in the way of material possessions, but we are rich beyond belief when it comes to the things that truly matter, and I consider myself incredibly blessed.

Until next time, wishing you a season of love and light and peace,
♥ Carolee


Kyra said...

It's nice to see you, phobic of cameras or not (I am too, I'd much rather take the picture!)

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful Christmas. From one Rosbif to another, we also had rib with all the trimmings, served with that fine sauce: family.

Happy Yuletide to you and here is to a peaceful new year.

Sharon said...

Soooo glad you had your "Love to deat dem mousies" mug replaced. I'm hanging on to my similar potholder even though it has seen decidedly better days.

Sounds like an awesome Christmas!

Zan Asha said...

Hello My Friend! And Merry Christmas!

Good to see everyone in photos, you are all a beautiful looking lot! Your daughter is lovely--and quite talented! I'm sorry I never got to meet her! but maybe the next time 'round! :)

Sharon Vigneux said...

Oh, Kliban Cat!! I love them. I even have some stationary I squirreled away years ago and can't bear to part with with Kliban cats on it. Camera phobic, me too. Love plum pudding and the sauce. Love clotted cream on anything. Not British but daughter married one and lives in UK. Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing.