Monday, January 21, 2013

"Blackberrry Hares"

After painting December's "Yuletide Hares", I just knew I would re-visit the Triple Hares very soon....

 The iconic motif - with three hares chasing each other, and sharing just three ears between them - is a symbol appearing in sacred sites from England (the "Tinner's Hares" in Dartmoor churches) to the Middle and Far East. No one seems to understand the precise connection or meaning, although they've come to represent the Trinity in Christian churches, the triple Goddess in pagan tradition, and in other ancient cultures and mythologies, the lunar cycle, femininity and fertility.

I've shown them here moving from a background of dawn, to daylight, to night, bordered by  blackberry brambles and Celtic knotwork. What a blessing to paint, and I know it will find a good home.

It's listed on Etsy now, and I'm immersed in the next project, a small gypsy vardo box. :)

Thanks as always for taking a peek at my work. :)

Back very soon!
♥ Carolee

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