Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cat Lady Birthday Musings

Yes, it's my 56th today - ack!

I'm told by my Mother that maybe 55 years ago, unlike most children, my first words were "pretty kitty"....or more accurate, something closer to "preeee keeee", but you get the idea. ;) Somewhere, there's picture of me as a very young toddler with the basket of kittens who inspired that first attempt at language.

Fifty some years later, not much has changed. I just adore them, and would have a whole houseful if I could. The Mice President (husband John) is the only thing between ME and a WHOLE LOT MORE cats roaming around here. As it is, in addition to our sweet Australian Shepherd Cosmo, we have just two kitties now - Merlin and Guinevere...

Sadly, Merlin's brother Arthur succumbed to congestive heart failure a few weeks ago, leaving a huge void in our lives, as all companions do when they cross the bridge. Here's the regal King Arthur in a not so regal, but completely adorable pose...

We miss him so. 

Cats have been on my mind (and on the work table) even more than usual, as I work a couple of magical Wheel of the Year pieces, and in particular today, as this original Innkeeper's sign becomes available on Etsy. I don't think there's anything more beautiful or haunting than a cat's eyes, and I so love painting them....

I hope this one finds a good home. :)

Large cats have also been on my mind, as we all read in the news about the tragic death of Cecil in Zimbabwe, at the hands of an American hunter.  I'm being kind here calling him merely "hunter", and not a whole host of other names I can think of, but if I start a hunting rant here, I'm afraid I won't stop, and I do NOT want to spend my birthday in tears.

What I will do is channel all that rage and sadness into a painting of that beautiful, magnificent creature, and donate a portion of the sale to the Oxford Conservation group who followed him. I'm not sure of the details yet but off the top of my head, I'm thinking a silent auction some time in the next week or two.

In the meantime, there's lots of work calling my name, and Knit Night at The Lancaster Yarn Shop later this evening (my few hours of Zen each week)...

I'll be back very soon with new work, and a preview of Ghoultide Gathering goodies. In the meantime, I wish you all a *magical* week!

♥ Carolee


Susan Lester said...

Happy Birthday, Carolee! I recently found an assignment from Vacation Bible School that was to draw a picture of one of the wonders God created. Of course, I scrawled a cat!

My husband has informed me that the fact that we're married doesn't prevent me from being a Crazy Cat Lady!

So sorry to hear about King Arthur. I know he will live on in your heart.

As for Cecil, I love your idea and know you will find a lovely way to honor him. Some people are just unspeakably cruel.

I love your work and wish you so much love and happiness today & always.

Ardis Lunn said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Deb ShireGardener said...

Happy Birthday Carolee! I send wishes that your day is full of fun and surprises, and the coming year be full of magic, and all your dreams and birthday wishes come true ~~~

I love that you are taking positive action to honour Cecil.
Let's put the rest of it over to Karma.

Deb in Wales

Carolee said...

Thank you all! It's been a good day, made more so by your kind comments. ♥

beverly e said...

Happy Birthday! So sorry to hear of your loss :(
Beautiful Inn sign... you make such lovely things.

Elizabeth Johnson said...
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