Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

It's finally here.....the magickal day when childhood is re-lived - and the day that for many of us inspires a whole year's worth of wicked and whimsical art!

We broke down last night and bought a few extra bags of candy, the theory being that too much is better than too little (although probably not for my already goddess size figure, hehe!) Can't wait to see all the little kiddos out in their costumes tonight....

Yes, I said TONIGHT! For unlike some of the towns around here, and some years in this town, "trick or treat night" is actually on Halloween this year! I'm not sure exactly when it became OK for local government to change an age old tradition for the sake of convenience, but I have to say I think it's pretty bogus. Halloween is Halloween, and it's rightfully celebrated on October 31st. When you change that, you take away some of the magic. So what if the kids are up a little later? So what if homework suffers for one night? So what if the grown-ups have to deal with costumes and pumpkin carving mid-week? It's HALLOWEEN!

OK, stepping down now, hehe....

I'll be spending the day here painting of course - a new cat and mouse treasure box and a bowl or two, to be listed on eBay either today or tomorrow. And I'm seriously considering baking another batch of "puffins" - noooooooo, not the birds - pumpkin muffins! With chocolate chips and almonds. Yum. :)

One little side note before I go - to everyone with an aol address, all the emails I sent to aol yesterday came back. Not sure if it's a glitch with aol, or with my server, but there it is, and I'll try again this afternoon.

Off to the studio now.....Wishing everyone a Happy and *Magickal* Halloween and a Blessed Samhain!

~ Carolee


Holiday Queen said...

Happy Halloween! I am all for celebrating on October 31st!! Let's make it a national holiday for pity sake. Oh happiest of days! Celebrate the magic. Melissa

DesignsbyCK said...

Hey artistic goddess, sorry I'm SO late on the draw on this one! Hope you had a vonderful Halloween, I did!

Just posted my Halloween "altar" on my blog!! '-)

Happy Halloween Always,