Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One More Day!

Well, tomorrow is the big day, and as usual I'm wondering if we have enough candy to last the night?! This is a guessing game I play each year, trying to estimate just the right amount; enough to be generous, but not so much that we have leftovers - (which I may as well apply directly to my hips, hehe!)

As you can see from the photo of our little street, we live downtown, where there are plenty of houses in very close proximity - so we generally count on well over a hundred visitors! John and I will take turns sitting outside, dispensing goodies, and when the evening is over we'll have a late supper and either read, or watch scary movies.

And the following day, it's time to start thinking about NEXT Halloween, teehee!

I've found the best way to combat the post Halloween letdown is to dive right into creating another wicked piece, and there are plenty of sketches still on the drawing board, plenty of scribbled notes, and plenty of ideas spinning around in my head - so stay tuned. :)

Speaking of new pieces, there's one calling my name now, which I hope to list later today; a bit of a departure for me, this one is based on one of my favorite books, Richard Adams' "Watership Down" - but with a celestial, holiday twist..... So with scented candles burning, a little Van Morrison in the CD player, and a cup of my favorite brew (Wild West tea from the Montana Tea and Spice Company this morning) I'm off to face the day.....

Wishing everyone a Happy and CREATIVE day before Halloween!!

Artful Blessings,
~ Carolee


Todaysgold said...

Hi Carolee, I see all is quiet on the 'Western Front'. A hundred Trick & Treaters, boy those were days because now most kids today have stay at home Halloween parties. Just the teenage pranksters out for their candy booties. Check out my new collectors column on my blog. Even my husband was so impressed that he's going to add my blog site to all his clients computer links. That's over one hundred links not including the entire Doctors building of therapists.

In 'Blogland' the lurkers are a good thing...

Halloween Blessings, Lyndy

DesignsbyCK said...

Carolee, your post was a FUN read and enjoy those Trick or Treaters! I hope we have enough candy too! '-)

Your new art piece sounds interesting, will have to check it out later on!

Happy Halloween Always! :-)


Jodi said...

Have a Blast Carolee...I would love to have that many kids...but alas downtown Havasu is having a BIG Fright Night...cuts into the House Action!!

Looks like a nice neighborhood for Tricks and Treats...
I wrote a small Poem for Halloween...check it out on my Blog... can you guess who that woman is??

Happy Halloween


*retro-rudolphs* said...

YAY!! I can't wait! We will be out trick or treating with Boo.
I applied the chocolate to my hips a little earlier this year and there's no candy in the house... SO, if you have any leftovers... hint hint!;)

Happy early Hallowe'en Carolee!!

I'm off to see the fab new art piece! ~ Lori