Friday, August 22, 2008


"Just when I think I've made both ends meet, someone goes and moves the ends"; one of my Mother's favorite sayings, and oh so true....

An addendum to that might be "just when eBay is going along smoothly, the Powers That Be decide to make 'improvements'".

Now, if there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's when ANY big corporation starts throwing around words like "improvement" or "enhancement", you'd better lookout.

Sellers have been notified that very soon (late October), eBay will no longer allow us to accept either personal checks or money orders. All payments must be made electronically. The reasons they're giving for these changes are things like "added protection" and "faster and more reliable payment". A more accurate assessment of the situation is that since eBay happens to OWN Paypal, they're instituting a policy where they now get a portion of every single transaction. Brilliant, eh? I can only imagine the corporate bonus the guy who came up with THIS one is going to receive.

So what to do?

Not much where eBay listings are concerned. And I DO prefer paypal, as long as it's not the dreaded e-check, which takes forever to clear.....

But some of my collectors prefer to mail their payments, and I'm fine with that. So I will still accept checks and money orders on private transactions; sales from my blog, possibly from Etsy, and later in the year I plan to begin selling my work on the PFATT marketplace as well.

In short, I'm rolling with it, but not rolling over. ;)

On a happier note, look for the first treat bowl I've painted in absolute AGES to be listed on eBay this evening at 9, with a buy-it-now option. LOTS of fun to paint, this one:

Theres also a charming little autumn welcome sign listing at 8:45. I'm sooooooooo ready for autumn, but more on that this weekend.

Right now I'm off to enjoy a very late supper of spaghetti with garlic bread, and a glass of red wine.

Until next time,
~ Carolee


sheila said...

Great treat bowl!! I love the way you paint.

Leah's Art Magic said...

I don't think this change will be good for us. We must think outside the box for sure! Love your treat bowl!


Diane MacNaughtan said...

Carolee, Love the treat bowl!
Gee, I just don't know about E-bay.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Kelly said...

The bowl is gorgeous! One of these days I am determined to get one of your pieces. I quit using ebay entirely to buy or sell when they changed up the feedback thing. One crazy stalker and my perfect score of many years went down hill like a bobsled. They didn't care one bit either. That's the price of companies getting too big for their own britches!

I didn't know you sold through etsy I will run off and have a look straight away!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Carolee, your new things are wonderful. I haven't sold on Ebay before, but you're not the first person I've heard dissatisfied with the "improvements."
Always a treat to stop over to see what fun things come from your studio.


Hi Carolee, thanks for the email... :)

Your art work is always beautiful!!!

I guess eBay is making sure they always get their cut. Not to mention they can keep better tabs on everyone. AND the IRS will have the records they have been seeking since the onset of eBay.

I know I can keep better tabs on my spending husband, LOL... He's always adding something to his TV Guide & Comic Book collections.

HUgs With Purrrs,