Monday, December 1, 2008

Treasures :)

This ornament chest (the last this year) is turning out to be much more labor intensive than originally planned, but I'm so pleased with the way it's turning out...I'll be working on it into the night and most of day tomorrow, trimming the trees with glass balls, snow and magical fairy lights, and adding a couple of playful kittens in the foreground (and maybe in the tree, hehe!) Inside are twelve compartments to store special keepsake ornaments, and plenty of room inside the lid for personalization. I'm loving the combination of deep blue, teal and burgundy and have made a mental note to use this palette again....

In any event, hope to have photos of the finished piece posted here tomorrow afternoon. :)

I also hope to make a kettle of Gypsy Soup and a couple loaves of homemade honey wheat bread tomorrow. No bread machine here - I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to breadmaking....there's something very relaxing and zen about the process and I think a machine would ruin it for me.

No microwave either.

In fact I have friends who are still astounded I make my living on the computer. One friend out in California used to say "Carolee - oh, she'll get a computer just as soon as someone invents a woodburning one", hehe....(this was obviously someone who underestimated my dislike for the rules and structure of traditional employment). ;)

OK, enough rambling - back to "work" I go.....Well, back to painting anyway. It's difficult to call something work when you enjoy it so much....

Until tomorrow,
~ Carolee


Julia Guthrie said...

Ooh...*have bookmarked the Gypsy soup recipe for later* YUM!
I was going to make bread in a minute funnily enough...with my breadmaker *hangs head in shame* LOL!!!
I do love the smell though:) Never tried honey wheat bread though, sounds lovely.

Your painted boxes are just gorgeous btw...really magical!:)

Iva's Creations said...

OMG far it is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the finished piece. Someone is going to be one lucky person! Thanks for the peek...Iva

vintagepaletteart said...

I had no idea those ornament chests were that big Carolee! Now that I see it's size......holy cow!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!