Friday, September 18, 2009

Johanna Parker on Martha Stewart and Another EHAG Giveaway Event!

This is so exciting! Friend and fellow EHAG member Johanna Parker is in the running for Martha Stewart's "Doer of the Week" in her "Dreamers into Doers" contest! If Johanna wins, she'll receive $2500 for her Halloween art business.

Johanna is not only a gifted artist, but she's just the nicest person, and I'd sooooo like to see her win!! So please take a minute, click HERE, and go to the right where it says "Poll" to vote for Johanna. Thank you!!

And speaking of EHAG members, there's another blog event afoot....

Visit the EHAG Art blog on September 21st for details! Unfortunately, I won't be around to participate in this one (spending the day at the hospital with John) but I can tell you the giveaway goodies are just amazing!

That's about enough excitement for one night, hehe....I'm turning in now, before I change into a pumpkin....

(I'll be back tomorrow to share a very special piece though!)

Until then,
♥ Carolee

1 comment:

DellaRae said...

I voted for Johanna....right now she's in third place in a close race.