Monday, February 8, 2010

Bracing Ourselves

Like just about everyone here in the mid Atlantic region, we're beginning to wonder just WHERE another snowfall can possibly go? That is, we know it can go where Mother Nature darn well pleases...but where on earth will we put the shovels full (or is it shovel fulls?) as we dig out? It boggles the mind...Yet, here it comes. Another "major snowstorm" expected to deposit another foot of the fluffy white stuff, beginning Tuesday night and throughout the day Wednesday.

We're as prepared as possible - plenty of comfort food, lots of tea and honey, hot cocoa, warm jammies, blankets and duvets, good books to read, knitting to be done, scrabble...and of course, painting. Lots and lots of painting. What more could anyone ask? :)

As I write this, there is still one item listed on eBay, but I want to share a bit of Etsy goodness too. I finally managed another update, listing four new trinket boxes, all up for grabs in the Etsy shop. Here's a peek at just a couple...


I had hoped for a more extensive update, as the Etsy items tend to go rather quickly, but with commission work pending, and a storm on the way, well....let's just say I'm keeping very busy, hehe.

I hope everyone in the path of this latest storm is faring well... I'm sure I'll be back with photos very soon. In the meantime, I plan to make the most of it, by way of cooking and creating....

Wishing you all a magical week, and wishing those here in the mid Atlantic states warmth and safety as you weather the storm!

Until next time,
♥ Carolee


Heather said...

Oh wow... you guys have been buried!!!

I wish you a much lighter second round of snow!

Designs By CK said...

LOVELY new goodies as always! :-)

I CANNOT believe we are getting more!!! ~ UGH!!! :-O)

I just hope that I will be able to venture out on my birthday this Sat...GEEZ :-(


Moonstone Gardens said...

I feel rather selfish in saying this, but I'm glad you are housebound so you can create more fantasstic art! I love seeing the new projects you have created.
I do hope though, that you don't go stir crazy - or if you do, that you make a stir crazy little box for us all to see.

paynterfamily4 said...

Prepare for even more snow after today's storm - have a heavy rainstorm right now here in Cali - hit earlier than predicted and it is heavy and nasty. It's headed your way!
So load up on more warm goodies, blankies, and wood for the fire!
Oh, and paint too - !!


Jorge de Rojas said...

Love the boxes. Here's wishing you a warm and cocoa filled day while the storm hits. One things for sure I'm sure you got quite the creative storm going, all cooped up!

theneon said...

These are real treasures. Thanks for sharing!