Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Enchanted Halloween Party!

And you're ALL invited!!

Given my love for All Hallows Eve, for all things magical and enchanting, and for entertaining, it's not surprising one of my dreams is to invite all my friends and collectors over for a wicked good Halloween party; elaborate costumes, delicious treats, intoxicating spirits and brews, and all manner of revelry until the wee hours of the morning...

Sadly though, our little abode is just too small, not to mention too far away for most of you.

But thanks to Miss Vanessa Valencia over at A Fanciful Twist, we can all attend the next best thing; an Enchanted Halloween cyber party, right here in the blogosphere...

Click here to be magically transported to Vanessa's blog, where party details are fully explained. If you have a blog, do sign up, and if not, just mark the date, and when the time comes, grab a cup of your favorite brew and settle in for a bit of visiting!

And what would a party be without presents?

With that in mind, I'll be offering a giveaway here - not sure what yet, but something magical and enchanting, I promise. ;)

Won't you join me?

♥ Carolee

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