Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Of Cats and Christmas...

Thanks so much to everyone who emailed and left such kind comments about our beloved Cheetah's passing. We miss her very much, but know we did the right thing, and know that she'll live on in our hearts, and in the love we give to the rest of the furry kids who bless our lives. :)

Her passing, along with a favorite Christmas song called "The Cat Carol" inspired this month's PFATT Marketplace piece, a one of a kind footstool. The carol (you may want to get tissue at this point) tells the tale of a kind and loving cat who gives her life on Christmas Eve to save that of a tiny mouse. Santa then lifts her up into the night sky, where she becomes a constellation, shining down every Christmas to remind us of her love...

Cats are such special and magical creatures, and there's something about Christmas and the winter season that makes me wish I could save them all, bring them in and offer them a warm bed, warm hearth, and full tummy (things which I'm certain homeless cats everywhere must wish upon the evening star - but I suppose that's inspiration for another piece!)

The footstool show above will be up for grabs on tonight's PFATT Marketplace update (midnight eastern) and go to the first person to email once it's available.

Other Christmas and Yule pieces are in the works, and probably a few Halloween goodies too (after all, it's NEVER too early, is it?)...Now that we've set the clocks back, I seem to be in full winter mode here, anticipating one of my favorite seasons, planning menus and gifts (home made, all) and even scheduling a little time to enjoy the season.

This weekend I'm off to West Virginia with a couple of friends to see Paul Gordon's "Friends in Christmas" show, and I'm SO looking forward to it! And next weekend I'll be traveling to Fairfax, Virginia to see another friend in a show there, while checking out the venue as a possibility for selling crafty type work (mostly personalized welcome signs) this time next year.

In the meantime, I'm working on a couple of commissions and painting a very large sign for our wonderful vet in exchange for services...That said, I'm bound and determined to set aside a few days to just relax and enjoy the season this year!

How about you?

Any holiday spirit yet?

Just in case, I'll leave you with a little inspiration...

This movie

This book

This hot cocoa

Back very soon!
♥ Carolee


CatHerder said...

oh i love winged cats..i have a pic of my black cat salem with wings tattooed across my shoulder and back

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

What a wonderful box and story. I'm sure Cheetah is looking down upon you with happiness.