Friday, May 9, 2014

Felines and Flowers!

I'm a cat person.

And a dog person.

But I was a cat person first. ;)

I just adore them, and have three rescues here at home. I would have more, but then I'm afraid John might move out, hehe. (Seriously though, with Merlin, Arthur and Guinevere, don't you think we need a Lancelot?)

Yes, well...anyway, cats are a favorite subject for paintings, as the current Etsy shop offerings attest.

There's an adorable tuxedo, marveling at "Fireflies"....

And there's a beautiful, amber eyed, black cat adorning this "Wayward Cats" innkeeper's sign...

And finally, there are flowers. Well, a flower box/planter to be exact - painted with a magical celestial design, and available on tomorrow's PFATT Marketplace (10AM pacific/1PM eastern time)...

 It's been a BUSY week, and I'm about to call it a night in favor of some reading and knitting. Thanks, as always, for visiting, and I'll be back very soon with new work, and a few springtime photos!

UPDATE ~ "Fireflies" is sold, and the sign and planter remain available. :)

Until then,
♥ Carolee


Nellie said...

I continue to love your work! I, too, am a "cat person."

mirsini's creations said...

Hi dear Carolee !! Lovely post ! I'm a cat person too...and a dog person..but as i can remember from my childhood, the first pet i' ve ever lived with was a cat...and then some other cats...and then a dog..and many other cats and dogs that we were hosting..and now we are living with four male cat brings the other..heheh...we rescued them from the street dangers and here in Athens there are so many ! I adore cats too !!! I love the names you gave them...heheh....and i LOve the " Fireflies" cat box.....wonderful !!!!! I admire so much your Artworks !!!! You are amazing !!!
Kisses from Greece !! :o))

Lori Ann Corelis said...

Meow . . . what fun!!
Love the Red Riding hood in your prior post too Carolee!!

Happy Weekend!