Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Relaxing Day Off

Okay, so....the last several days, John and I have been kicking around the idea of what to do with a rare day off on a beautiful autumn weekend. The choices included:

A day up in Bucks County, PA (New Hope, Peddler's Village, etc.)

FaerieCon (huge faerie convention at the Philadelphia convention center - John shot this one down pretty quickly, lol.)

A drive up to the Poconos, specifically the scenic and artsy little town of Jim Thorpe, where a Fall Festival was happening.

Since Bucks county is also planned for November (an apple fest at Peddler's Village), the day trip to Jim Thorpe was the winner......

The view approaching the charming little town:

The view about a quarter mile down the road, almost THREE HOURS LATER:
You see, Jim Thorpe is a very small town, literally carved out of the side of a mountain, with one road in and out. When there's an accident on that road, everything grinds to a halt. For HOURS. No way in, no way out. You just sit, and try to remember the fruit of the spirit is patience....

Fast forward til about 4PM, when we finally DID make it into town. NO PARKING ANYWHERE - just the police out in full force, directing traffic out of town again! By this time, John's head was ready to explode, I needed a rest room, and we were both getting pretty hungry. So we gave it one more try, finally lucking into a parking space on Main Street about 4:30 PM. We went to usually wonderful local steak house, where (probably due to the crowds) we had a pretty random meal, hit a couple of my favorite shops (where I scored some scented soy candles and a few bottles of local wine) and we left - determined to leave much earlier and book a room the next time we run up there. Here's how the town looked after we emerged from the restaurant:

A little dark, lol.....

Today, it's back to work, with new goodies being listed later this evening, after the current listings end. Check out Etsy too - the treat box is gone, but the last Halloween coaster set of the year is still available (very cool accessory for a Halloween party!) I'm also working on a commission, and just ONE Halloween necklace for eBay which I hope to list in a few days. :)

Wishing everyone a relaxing, enjoyable autumn weekend!

~ Carolee

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Diane MacNaughtan said...

Carolee, What a gorgeous and quaint place!