Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend, and New Work!

I'll begin by saying we don't go out very often. Almost never, in fact. Between the budget and my crazy work schedule, it's a luxury in which we seldom indulge.

But today was Mother's Day, and a special occasion. Our beautiful daughter Courtney and her BFF SarahGrace (one of two honorary daughters with whom we've been blessed) traveled out here from the city (Philly) to meet us for brunch at what could easily become my new favorite place. Soooooo good, and my only regret is that as we were leaving, a group of Celtic musicians were setting up. (Note to self - make a much later reservation next time!)

After ordering, I was presented with a gift bag containing my favorite summer scent, a cookbook I've been wanting for AGES, and a box of truffles (I know, like I need them, lol).

It was altogether a perfect day, which I finished up with a little painting...

This magical little pair will be up for grabs on the PFATT Marketplace on a first-come basis, Tuesday the 10th, at 10AM Pacific time. I just LOVE these chunky canvases, because there's no need for a frame, and the little ones can fit almost anywhere (these are 5" x 5"). :)

At the risk of jumping all over the place with this post (yeah, I know, scattered artist syndrome) I'll close with a quick update on John. This will be his LAST week of radiation (yay!), followed by another week's recovery from the whole ordeal, and we should know soon after if he's in remission. If you're inclined to prayers and positive thoughts, they are, as always, most appreciated!

That's about it for now. I'll be back very soon with new work, and in the meantime have a wonderful, creative and productive week!

♥ Carolee


Lee said...

Sending oodles of positive thoughts and prayers...
I do enjoy your blogs and creativity!
All the best to you and yours!

maddyrose said...

Carolee, these little paintings are charming, the size is perfect and you're right, they could fit anywhere. I'm sure they'll get grabbed up fast. Have a wonderful week.