Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A New Path....

Have you ever felt like the universe is just pushing you to make a change, to move in a new direction? As though no matter how hard you try to hold on to the familiar, to that comfort zone, life has other plans?

Such is the current state of affairs with eBay. Like many longtime sellers there, I'm disappointed in the level of control, the ever increasing cost, and the distinct feeling as though I'm completely taken for granted...Basically, if eBay were a boyfriend, we'd have broken up a long time ago. ;)

Oh, I'll still maintain a presence there, and still list from time to time just to keep a foot in the water, and offer an option to those who prefer auction style listings. But the plan is to begin migrating the bulk of my work over to Etsy, where it will be offered for direct sale, on a first come basis. The Etsy site is wonderful, the fees are considerably lower (which means savings of as much as 10% passed on to collectors) and the checkout and communication process is quick and easy. What's not to love? ♥

But that's not all (drumroll, please)....

I'll also be offering my first prints there very soon! I'm so excited, and I hope this makes at least some of my work more accessible.

The first few will be listed just as soon as I receive them (hopefully in the next week) and I'm thinking they will probably be signed and numbered limited editions.

There's also a very special, and very elaborate sewing/craft chest in progress, which I hope to have in the Etsy shop soon, and possibly a clock.

As always, I'll give the heads up here on the blog and on facebook as to the approximate time new work will be listed, so please do check in. :)

Finally, a big thank you, and much love too all my amazing collectors. You've followed my work from eBay to Etsy, from blog sales and online marketplaces to shows...Without your support and encouragement, I would never be able to live this dream of being a full time artist. So I send you all much love, and many smiles. ♥

That's about it for now. I'll be back with details about those new prints, and in the meantime, I wish all those who celebrate it a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend!

I'll leave you with one of the images which will be offered as a print. ♥

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ ♥ Carolee
PS - don't forget there's a giveaway in the previous post! I'll draw a name this Saturday. :)


rachelsmith133 said...

I'm new to your blog, became a follower after the Mad Tea Party last week.

Anyway I just wanted to say how much I'm looking forward to seeing your work for sale in your Etsy shop, I've just added it to my favourite shops on there so I can keep an eye out for when you add new things.

petoskystone said...

i love etsy...purely as a buyer, i might add. since i started buying from etsy, ebay has just dropped off of the radar completely. nice choice for your first print :)

mirsini's creations said...

Wonderful!!!! So nice that you will have an etsy shop!!!
I want to make one too! for sailing my jewelries and knits!! It's in my near plans!! Oh! I can't wait to see your art all together!!!
Wishing you a wonderful new beginning!!!!
Kisses! :o)

Zan Asha said...

Hi Carolee!

I know it's tough making the switch, but I've always thought that Ebay is getting greedy with its practices!

I know you will do wonderfully on Etsy! I can't imagine people missing out on your work, no matter WHERE you might be, so good for you for breaking away from the "bad boyfriend" :)

Woohoo, looking forward to your prints!

Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

Ohhh I totally agree in regards Ebay. I used to be an Ebayoholic. As a seller and buyer, but fees were eating me slowly so I had to pack and leave. I still buy from time to time, but only stuff that is htf somewhere else. Other than that.. I always have my amazon, Etsy and other stores online. I wish you the very best and I am telling you we will celebrate together wen you come over to Etsy!! Can't wait for the results of the giveaway!! Good luck to all of us :)

Happy Saturday!

Petals said...

Carolee, don't you still believe you are selling yourself short by making prints?
Your artistry is great and deserves originals.

Carolee said...

Oh, I'll still be painting originals, and only a select few pieces will be offered as limited edition prints. But I get so many emails from people who love my work, yet can't swing an original. This is just a way of making a few pieces a little more accessible. :)

♥ Carolee