Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quick Update

Things have been at sixes and sevens around here this week, as John is back in the hospital for another heart procedure. Complications haven't helped matters any, but it seems as though all systems are *go* for this morning - after which his heart will hopefully be back in rhythm!

In the studio, I'm working on a January Moon Goddess painting (Artemis and the full wolf moon) along with several commissions.

There are still two originals up for grabs in the Etsy shop; the old witch from Russian folklore, Baba Yaga, and a whimsical little bentwood box featuring a Maine Coon angel/fairy cat.

I'll be back very soon with photos of the new painting, and in the meantime, I'm off to the hospital so I can be there when John wakes up. :)

Thanks as always for your support and encouragement, your prayers and positive energy!

♥ Carolee


julietk said...

Best wishes to your hubby and you.

A Magical Whimsy said...

I have been admiring your artwork for a couple of years as your whimsical style is so vibrant and magical. And I adore 'Practical Magic' and love what you have created for your Etsy shop in the way of your prints.
May your husband John feel better soon. Many thoughts and hugs go out to you both,
Teresa in California

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and your husband. I can only imagine how difficult and stressful this has all been. May he be well on the road to complete recovery soon.

Kate in Mass.