Friday, April 27, 2012

Snow White + Chocolate = The Perfect Afternoon

Oh yeah, and John too. ;)

All work and no play makes Carolee a slightly crazed least I think that's that what John sensed when he suggested an afternoon away from the studio. We considered the city (Philadelphia), the Chesapeake Bay, and Bucks County, but in the end -considering gas prices and the usual dog walking dilemma - settled on staying close to home. So off we headed to the quaint little town of Lititz, just about twenty minutes away...

It's been awhile since we wandered around the downtown area, and we found quite a few new shops and cafes. One of my favorites was Zest, filled with gourmet kitchen goodies...

and This Place...

The Chocolate Cafe.


We stopped in for a decadent drink, John opting for hot cocoa (we're talking 70% pure cacao here, as the very gracious and helpful proprietor explained) and a "Chocolate Strawberry Lush" for me - surprisingly healthy and low cal, made of the same dark chocolate, half a dozen fresh pureed strawberries, and seltzer - basically like a liquid chocolate covered strawberry.

Lots of tempting treats to take away too, but we were fairly restrained (with difficulty, hehe).

Suffice to say if  you're ever in Lancaster County, this place is a must.

You're welcome. ;)

Another new and wonderful shop was called simply "Haven", and it was. I wish I could share a link, but the store is that new, I can't seem to find Witch's balls, wonderful beaded jewelry and windchimes, crystals and stones...just beautiful.

We also noticed Aaron's Books moved from Broad Street to Main Street, and while we've been meaning to visit for awhile now (I seem to remember they used to be the meeting place for local SCA members, which has always intrigued me), time was pressing, so we headed off to catch a late afternoon showing of "Mirror Mirror"...

Definitely not traditional, a little hokey, but still fun, and the visuals were great. I mean, Snow White, castles, magic spells - what's not to love?

An altogether perfect afternoon.

Tomorrow, it's back to work - refreshed, restored, and inspired by fairy tale magic.

(Thank you, John!)

♥ Carolee

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Nellie said...

Oh, my! What a wonderful afternoon! You were much stronger than I would be. I'd have to take some chocolate treats away with me!