Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Witch's Letters

Letter writing, *sigh*...

A lost art, some believe - but then, so are many other old-world things I love; tatting, hand embroidery, baking bread without a machine....Sometimes shortcuts aren't such an improvement after all. Sometimes doing things the old fashioned way brings more satisfaction, more warmth.

A cup of tea, a fountain pen, a piece or two of beautiful stationery and tales to share with a dear friend...what could be better, or more heartfelt?

As much as I love writing letters (which admittedly I don't do nearly enough), I love receiving them even more...sitting down in a comfy chair, aforementioned cup of tea within reach, sunlight or lamplight, savoring every word, every bit of news. And wanting to write back immediately, although it doesn't always work out that way. ;)

I've been thinking a lot about letter writing this week as I painted "The Witch's Letters", a combination lap desk/stationery box, whose drawer will contain a crescent moon stamp and several shades of blue and purple sealing wax...

The drawer's interior is decoupaged with beautiful French script paper and stamps...

What a blessing it was to paint this piece, and I'm happy to say it's already found a good home.

I read recently that many schools are actually dropping penmanship for their curriculum! I know I sound very old here, but how perfectly awful! Can you imagine? The possibility that we're just a generation or two away from old fashioned writing becoming a thing of the past...It makes me sad for those children growing up without knowing the joy of having a penpal, or receiving their first hand written love letter.

I know I can't be alone in this - please tell me that some of you still write letters, still enjoy written correspondence? I do hope so....

Finally, I suppose there's a certain irony in railing against technology while using a computer, and please don't get me wrong - I do love the computer, and it has it's own blessings. I just think it needn't be one or the other.

I'll leave you with Emily Posts guide to writing longer letters, circa 1922. ;)

Until next time,
♥ Carolee


Ms. said...

Ah yes, my dear, those long rambling 'cabin fever' letters I used to exchange with two distant friends are now a thing of history since both of them are completely computer chained, and don't even answer most emails. But I also have two old friends who won't communicate digitally at all, one is, unfortunately a lousy correspondent, but the other sends regular posts, albeit short, and I return one immediately (also short). Sometimes, for special reason, I send a letter with hand decorated drawing on the envelope, which delights the post office personnel (or so they have mentioned) as much as the friend I'm sending to. The Witch is most reminiscent of such a personal touch, and I'm glad she's found a welcoming home. Much love to you and your dear mate on this earth day.

Charlotte said...

There is something fundamentally pleasing about forming letters with a pen or pencil. Calligraphy going hand in hand with penmanship. Taking this a step further and you have letter writing.

What I love most about snail mail (hubby's term) is that you have to take time to think, slow down and consider your words. You can't erase in the same way and so must choose your words with care.

And the pleasure of reviewing correspondence years later, I still have most of my Gran's letters to me. A little bit of her voice when I need to hear it.

Dragonfly said...

I love your wonderful painted writing box. I love to receive letters and feel lucky that I've got two wonderful friends who send me handwritten chatty letters. At the same time I feel terribly guilty that I now send them computer printed letters in return. Sadly though I have join pains in my hands and holding a pen is often just beyond me.

Calligraphy use to be my main hobby at one time and I'd be very sad to see traditional penmanship disappear completely. Computers can not display the same feelings as a pen.

Frith to you
J x

Leslie said...

Love the writing box, it's a treasure. Appalled by my own lack of letter writing as yes, everyone seems to be on the computer and won't take the time. Again, box is lovely.