Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've been thinking a lot lately about the blessings in my life, and about the grace we receive in the face of challenges.

There are, of course, those blessings I'm conscious of on a daily basis; my marriage, our beautiful daughter, whatever degree of artistic ability I have, and my general satisfaction with the path I've chosen.

But then there are the unexpected blessings....

While several people I thought would have responded to the messages and updates about John's health crisis have not, there have been so many less "close" to us who have been a real source of strength - calling, sending emails and messages offering help both emotional and practical, and making it much easier to face the challenges that lie ahead. Just when I begin to feel tired or discouraged, strength and inspiration arrives from the most unexpected of sources, and I'm able to move forward.

I know also that these blessings are a manifestation of divine grace. That God, or Goddess, or Universe, or whatever you want to call it, has a hand in weaving the tapestry of our lives, and will continue to do so as we face whatever lies ahead.

So in this season of blessings we remain grateful for all of it, even the challenges. And we thank those of you who've been there for us in person and in spirit. Your thoughts, prayers and encouragement are a constant inspiration as we look forward to brighter days ahead. :)


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous sign Carolee! One of your best. I really like the chickadees.


Hi Carolee, you are all in our prayers ALWAYS... Did you get the snail mail card we sent & the eCards as well? Also we have been working so very hard on winding up the OOAK Halloween art collection for my artbook so more promotion will help all the contributing artists when the artbook debuts.

John & you are held top priority on our prayer chain. When the chips are down that's when you know who your true friends are. Everyone can attest to that, especially me. Only true friends step forward with love, compassion & a lending hand, heart & prayers for all to be better soon.


*retro-rudolphs* said...

Thankful for our friendship and always thinking only positive thoughts for the future.
We send our love and our continued prayers.
Big Hugs,

DesignsbyCK said...

Hi Carolee, ditto what Lyndy said so eloquently in her last post. You are a source of inspiration for me (as I posted in Ehag), and I am blessed to have gotten to know you better and become one of your friends! You have and always will be in my thoughts as time goes by. Wishing you peace and strength through this trying time!

Again, I'm always here for you!!

Chris :)

Kitty Forseth said...


You have been such a source of strength and inspiration to your EHAG family for so long.. we are happy and willing to step up now as you need us!

Please let us know whatever we can do for you and John, these are difficult times for you both.

You are certainly in our prayers.. your entire family.

You are loved!!!


Johanna Parker said...

Beautifully said Carolee.... Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with all of us. We do tend to dwell on the deeper meanings of life and our blessings in the face of challenge. Despite my crazy-busy schedule at this time of year, I have been thinking of you and John...

Sending healing hugs and strength your way...

~ Johanna