Sunday, November 25, 2007

Works in Progress!

Life continues at a frantic pace here, with the house in the usual state of holiday disarray, but I'm happy to say there are also several new pieces in varying stages of completion. I'm sooooooooooo excited about this new work, much of it bringing the Halloween theme (witches and black cats and such) into a mystical, wintery realm.

The first piece is the one shown above, listed on eBay now. The photos don't really show how it sparkles (LOVE that vintage glass glitter), but it's received several "oooohs" and "aaaah's" from visitors to the house. :)

Yesterday found me not decorating the tree as planned, but painting the last ceramic piece to be offered this year - a witchy pie plate, with words of blessing written around the edge; the perfect gift for the kitchen witch. :) Other new work includes a very large apothecary/pantry, which is also shaping up with a wintery yule theme - jars of assorted herbs and spices, magickal oils and elixirs, the Witch's books and grimoire, mortar and pestle, copper kettle, and of course, the requisite cat (or three, hehe)....

Then there's the Snow Queen's SLEIGH! Wait until you see this one....again, a very large piece, suitable for center stage almost anywhere in the house and large enough to hold your favorite Christmas dolls, several gifts, or even the largest card collection. This piece is in the sketching stages right now, so will take a bit to complete, but when it's finished it will be accented with vintage glass glitter and Swarovski crystals. Quite the showpiece. :)

I'm also trying to keep up with the many requests pouring in for new doggie and kitty welcome signs....

All of this, the holiday housecleaning and decorating, the baking and the knitting (another homemade Christmas for us this year!) will keep me busy until the wee hours for the next several weeks.

Throughout all of this, John is doing well, and making his way through the rounds of doctors, specialists and tests, in anticipation of the eventual surgery which will correct his heart problem. We're not expecting it to happen until early 2008, a blessing, as he'll certainly enjoy the season, and Courtney's visit more fully at home.

And as for next year, well - "sufficient unto the day", and all that....

For NOW, we're counting today's blessings. :)


DesignsbyCK said...

Hi Carolee,

Glad things are progressing well for John, I am sure the surgery being after the holidays was a relief!

ALL your new pieces sound lovely. Looking forward to seeing them all especially the winter witch sleigh!

Enjoy what is left of the post holiday weekend! :)



Hi Carolee, beautiful Halloween/Yule cross over piece indeed. I am the proud owner of your Tuxedo Cat Peace On Earth box, another beauty.

Glad John is feeling a bit better. Sounds like you are really busy & that's a good thing.

Sending You Warm Healing Hugs Always, Lyndy

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Hi Carolee,
Kim Hardt tagged me to write 5 random things about myself, so I in turn am tagging you. You can see all the details on my blog.
There is no pressure to participate... but what's the harm in posting a little fun and/or trivia about yourself?

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Wow... are you sleeping at all these days?
I am in awe of your energy, not to mention your abundant talent!!
Wishing you all the best for a joyful Holiday season and a very healthy New Year!!!!... and Carolee, that sleigh has me seriously intrigued!!

Witchy-Poodle-Art said...

Hi Carolee,

Well, I've been tagged, so now I'm tagging you!

I'm so glad to hear that John is doing better.

HUgs to you,